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AMC's Brotastic Television Line-Up

If you needed more proof that AMC is just the artistic version of SPIKE. #BROGRAMMING

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With other programming such as: "Game of Arms", "4th and Loud", and "Comic Book Men" its clear that AMC has a very specific target audience in mind. It is fair to say that AMC's run of "Mad Men" and "Breaking Bad" was the final ingredient in forwarding America into the era of Quality Television, but the prospects of this network are slowly declining. My recommendation: they need a high intensity thriller and/ or action series featuring mostly female leads....hmmm perhaps this comic series: "Y: The Last Man". AMC could still keep the bro factor very prominent, a series with literally only one male cast remember, save a male monkey.

Or wishful thinking: X-23 standalone series. Somehow Taylor Kisch would need to be a part of that....

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