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12 Shows Coming This Fall I Can't Wait For

Say goodbye to "The Leftovers" and Justin Theroux's abs, keep watching Clive Owen and face-drugs in "The Knick", and get pumped for these series coming this fall.

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12. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox)

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I'm not totally sure if this series counts as a guilt pleasure or not? I supposed it has two Golden Globes, and Andy Samberg is charming and hilarious. The cast has great chemistry and over all this is just easy to watch, well made television. I beleive season one is avaible on Hulu Plus. Great after a stressful day at work, especially when "True Dective" and "Fargo" start again, and you light comedy to mediate the darkness. #fullBoyle Premiers Sept. 28

11. Gotham (Fox)

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Yes, my housemate did point out something very important: "Why would I watch a show in Gotham with out Batman in it?" True, instead of our caped crusader, we get Ryan from "The O.C." (still swooning), however his show more importantly marks a change in direction for the Fox network. Visually this show looks very different from other past and current fox programming. This broader "origin" style series perhaps will give the writers more flexibility and will be able to make the story their own, not worrying about greater context. Hopefully we can be expecting some progressive artistic choices from this series, and it becomes equally popular and compelling as The CW's "Arrow" or ABC's "Marvels: Agents of Shield". #originstories Special thanks to the #ArkhamSeries. Premiers Sept. 22

10. South Park (Comedy Central)

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I believe "South Park" is now on its 18th season on air. Matt Stone & Trey Parker have been consistently producing gut-busting satire since 1997, I was seven and today I am turning twenty-four. With a strong trilogy-feature episodes parodying "Game of Thrones" and black friday, I can't wait to see what this show has to say about the world in these coming Months. Fingers still crossed for a Princess Kenny Spin-off. Premiers Sept. 24

9. Selfie (ABC)

ABC Craig Sjodin / Via

Emily Kapnek latest brainchild on ABC following the network's cancellation of her previous series "Suburgatory". Both series coincidentally feature red-head leads, and terrible names. And also like "Suburgatory" I hope "Selfie" will transcend its terrible name, and actually be a good comedy. I absolutely love Jon Cho (WhiteCastle4LYFE), and Emily Kapnek manages to bring a unique voice and perspective in her satire and social commentary on modern life. If I am correct expect something quirky, witty, and adorable intertwined with our very real anxiety, emotions, and narratives. #Acompletepackage Premiers Sept. 30

8. Constantine (NBC)

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I know what you are thinking: "Is NBC, just going INSANE!?" The answer to that question is still unclear, however, "Constantine" looks more promising than previous incarnations of the genre *cough* "The Cape" *cough*. As down as I am for, what is now, the TENTH SEASON of The CW's "Supernatural", some new demon hunting media would be refreshing. Piggy backing off Hound/ Arya popularity, the series features Constantine's female apprentice, who somehow looks remarkably like Rachel Weiss (From the Keanu Reeves Movie). Premiers Oct. 24 #Grimmisbad

7. A to Z (NBC)

NBC / Via

Narrated by Katey Sagal, produced by Rashida Jones, and female lead named Zelda, my interest in this series is purely based on curiosity, and a hope that the above described pieces make this series a winner. From what I've seen so far this has the potential to modernize a series like "How I Met Your Mother" giving it a less episodic feel and making each episode a piece in what essentially are chapters of a Romantic Comedy. #Swoon Premiers Oct. 2

6. Madam Secretary (CBS)

CBS / Via

In a sea of what could potentially be a disastrous fall for female led dramas ("Bad Judge" "Mysteries of Laura" " How to get Away with Murder"), "Madam Secretary" stands out as seemingly human, and down to earth. Tea Leoni looks stunning, especially in this strange "Jack & Bobby" like, Washington DC lighting. Honestly, I am just down for more series with women being stoic political bad-asses/ geniuses, and this show looks like it could deliver. Please give us another #goodwife CBS! Premiers Sept 21 #softfeatures

5. The Walking Dead (AMC)

AMC / Via

I don't care that both seasons 2 and 3 had large chunks that were uneventful and shitty. I don't care that people are frustrated with deaths and a tendency to get overly psychological and artistic. I understand Season 1 will always be the best season, but I still want to watch Zombies killing people, and vice versa. I believe the creators are very aware of audience frustration, and left us with the teasing comment, "They're f***ing with the wrong people," at the end of last season. A promise hopefully leading to violence, intrigue, and more concrete character development. We all know you are still watching because #Daryl is still alive. Premiers Oct. 12 #terminus #thewirecasting

4. Arrow (The CW)

CWTV / Via

Beautiful faces, comic book action, oh ,and the melodrama who wouldn't be excited for the return of The CW's arrow this fall. Promising sidekicks, an EPIC NEW Villain, and OLIVER IS FINALLY OFF THE ISLAND "Arrow" Season 3 is the most ambitious yet. This series has earned the right to call its self a CW heavy hitter, and next "Supernatural" and "Vampire Diaries", easily the most anticipated returning fall series. #TeamFelicity Premiering Oct. 8th, the night following "The Flash" Premier.

3. Star Wars: Rebels (Disney XD)

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Taking place 14 years after "Revenge of The Sith" and 5 years before "A New Hope", this series looks to be a promising Star Wars title complete produced by the series new owner, Disney. Star Wars Rebels is one of the series I am most excited for. This promises a NEW HOPE for this franchise, but it also shows that Disney is staying true to the fan community, and the "soul of Star Wars". The crew of the Ghost, above, feature many fan favorites including: a BA female Mandalorian (yes she has armor), some growling alien muscle, and the Twilek version of Zoe from Firefly.

And I know I included the trailer already, but COME ON, you got the biggest smile when you saw this. Greig Weisman is an EP, NOUGH SAID. Premiering Oct. 3 #HailMandalore

2. The Legend of Korra: Book Four: Balance (Nick Online)

Nickelodeon / Via

Fears and tensions about the final chapter of "The Legend of Korra" were put at ease when the two creators released this clip, announcing the show's final season would be airing online, and MUCH SOONER THAN EXPECTED. I was planning on adding this to "Game of Thrones" list of series that you SPEND THE WHOLE YEAR ANTICIPATING, but my wait was cut to barely two months. After such a heartwarming and heart-wrenching finale, the excitement for the next chapter is simply overflowing. #GREATESTCHRISTMASGIFTEVER No more Book 3 Fire Release Date Nonsense! Weekly online starting Oct. 3 #ZukosMom

1. The 100 (The CW)

CWTV / Via

This is my #1 because nothing makes better Teen Drama than having to recolonize Earth. After premiering this spring, "The 100" not only was renewed, but also given an extended season and a slot in The CW's fall line up. Most importantly the most interesting characters on this show are the female ones. Classic Sci-fi tropes combined with the thralls teen age romance, hormones, and emotions, and a cast of fresh faces, what is not to love? If you haven't yet, the first season is available on Hulu and I highly suggest you watch it. Creators promise that since the painstaking process of establishing an apocalyptic future they can make this upcoming season darker with even more divergent character story-lines. Ass-kicking girls, cut boys, the reclamation of earth, and THE BEST LOVE TRIANGLES, don't miss "The 100". Treat it like The CW's version of "BattleStar Galactica". Premiers Oct. 22 #WeAreGrounders

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