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    31 Things From Wayfair That’ll Help You Affordably Remodel Your Home

    Go ahead. Embrace your inner Chip and Joanna Gaines. Your newly-remodeled home will thank you for it.

    1. A circular, gold-framed vanity mirror, so you can see your gorgeous self reflected back at you from something just as stunning as you are. The sleek frame is made of anti-rust aluminum alloy, and the glass is shatter-proof, making it ideal for the damp, high-traffic area that is your bathroom.

    The mirror in the color Gold

    2. Or, a classic, wood-framed medicine cabinet that’ll function as a mirror and boost your bathroom storage. This type of design never goes out of style – and the shelf inside is adjustable, too.

    The medicine cabinet

    3. Some decorative floor registers, because who says you can’t have a little fun with your climate control? These stainless steel vent covers are adorned with a beautiful curlicue pattern and come in packs of five.

    The floor registers in the color Bronze Age

    4. A multifunction rainfall showerhead, because…well, do you really need a reason to want a rainfall showerhead beyond the fact that it’s a rainfall showerhead? (You do not, because these things are terrifically relaxing and worth their own proverbial weight in gold.) With both a full showerhead and a handheld attachment, and three spray patterns to choose from, this pick will make sure every single morning in your newly remodeled bathroom is a good one.

    The shower head

    5. Some colorful ceramic drawer pulls to help you hack your plain ol’ dresser into the unique storage solution you always knew it could be. “Remodeling” can be as simple as sprucing up some of your existing pieces with new details – and things like these cute little knobs can go a long way towards making it happen.

    Reviewer's picture of the blue, white, and gold knobs on a dresser

    6. Some new sliding doors for your closet, because those builder-grade foldable ones that every closet on the face of the planet seemingly has are just Not It. Sliding closet doors, it turns out, are surprisingly expensive (like, topping-a-thousand-bucks expensive, much of the time) – but this five-light frosted glass number both looks terrific and comes in at about half the cost of the vast majority of options.

    The sliding closet doors in the color Espresso

    7. A set of interlocking wood deck tiles that’ll update any outdoor space with ease, from concrete patios to neglected balcony areas. Made of acacia, these tiles are anti-microbial as well as fade-, warp-, scratch-, stain-, mildew- slip-, water-, and frost-resistant – and they install with a simple click.

    Reviewer's photo of the deck tiles

    8. A bathroom faucet meant for vessel sinks that looks like a li’l old-fashioned water pump, because who hasn’t seen one of these in a fancy bar or hotel restroom and thought, “OMG IT’S SO CUTE”? Fun fact: Changing out your faucet is a great way to give your sink area a new look — and it's a lot easier to do than you probably think it is.

    The faucet in the color Oil Rubbed Bronze

    9. A vessel-style bathroom sink that’ll tick both the trendy and classic boxes in one go. This matte white stone number is nonporous and anti-bacterial, as well as scratch-proof, fade-proof, and impact-resistant, so you know it’ll last.

    The sink

    10. Some ceramic subway tiles to give you the kitchen backsplash of your Instagrammable dreams. Subway tile doesn’t have to be white and glossy, by the way — and happily, this option comes in multiple levels of gloss.

    The subway tile in the color Matte White

    11. Or, a peel-and-stick subway tile backsplash, if you’re not ready or able to do a full re-tiling job. These glass tiles stick on with their own adhesive; then, whenever you’re ready for something new, you can just pull ‘em off and return the wall to its original state. Easy peasy!

    The peel-and-stick tile in the color Black

    12. A classy handle set for your front door, because hey, guess what? You can upgrade your main entry’s look without, y’know, replacing the entire door! (Exterior doors are $$$ , y'all.) This set includes a handle with a knob and a deadbolt, along with two keys. Also, it is gorgeous.

    13. A wall-mounted cabinet perfect for giving weird, under-utilized spaces an actual purpose. I’ve got one of these hanging on an awkwardly-sized wall in my bathroom, and it is exactly what I needed. I use the three shelves to hold first aid supplies, soap, and other shower-related items, but it’s good for just about anything, anywhere.

    The cabinet

    14. A sliding barn door that comes complete with an installation hardware kit, because not everyone can afford to have pocket doors built directly into their walls. Plus, nothing adds a rustic focal point to a room quite like a barn door does, right?

    The white barn door

    15. A 25-pack of sleek, modern drawer pulls for the easiest, most impactful kitchen cabinet upgrade ever. If your kitchen is looking a little bit dated, swapping out the hardware can make a huge difference when it comes to freshening up its look.

    16. Or, some show-stopping geometric knobs for your kitchen cabinets, because sometimes, it’s worth it to be a little extra. This (literally) multi-faceted hardware option brings a little glitz and glamor to your meal prepping — and installing them is a snap.

    The cabinet knobs in the color Brushed Golden Brass

    17. A shiny new faucet for your kitchen sink, because if you haven’t embraced the pull-down faucet life, now is the time. This one is tall enough to accommodate stock pots and water pitchers and includes three different spray options.

    The faucet in the color Brushed Nickel

    18. Or, a touchless kitchen faucet that will start running with a wave of your hand. You’ll never have to awkwardly try to turn the faucet on with your elbows when you’re up to your eyeballs in kitchen prep ever again.

    The faucet in the color Oil Rubbed Bronze

    19. Some sleek new doorknobs, because you’d be amazed at how much of a difference just changing out the hardware can make on the look of your interior doors. They’re easy to install, too – if you can use a screwdriver, you can update your doorknobs. Promise.

    Reviewer's photo of the doorknob in the color Matte Black

    20. A pair of decorative privacy screens for your outdoor spaces, because hiding either your HVAC or yourself from the prying eyes of your neighbors can be easy and pretty. This set of two panels can be arranged to conceal just about anything — with style, of course.

    The privacy screens

    21. A set of bi-fold doors with so many uses, you’ll want to put them in every room. Reviewers have used them for everything from closets to laundry rooms; a handful of clever folks even added some handle hardware to make them look like French doors; and some have straight-up converted them into actual French doors. Talk about hackable — and much more budget-friendly!

    22. A surprisingly affordable ceramic farmhouse sink, so you can finally have the rustic, country-style kitchen you’ve always wanted. This one even has reversible installation options for maximum flexibility, depending on your setup.

    The sink

    23. Or, a hand-hammered copper sink for your kitchen or bar that’s just a little bit different than the standard ceramic or stainless steel. If your ideal kitchen aesthetic is “sun-dappled villa somewhere in the Tuscan hills,” this option will add the finishing touch.

    The sink

    24. A wall-mounted pot filler, because if you’ve never had one before, now is a great time to install one. This brass and stainless steel number swivels and retracts for easy use and easier storage; just push it against the wall when you’re not using it to get it out of the way, fast.

    The pot filler

    25. A bathroom vanity with mid-century modern appeal, because nothing changes up a bathroom's look like a new vanity. Reviewers say it’s a great replacement for pedestal sinks that have no storage — and, uh, as someone who lives in a place that has at least one pedestal sink with no storage, that sounds terrific right about now. (Note that it doesn’t come with a faucet — but hey, that just means you’ve got the opportunity to pick out the perfect fixture for yourself, right?)

    The vanity in the color Walnut/White

    26. Or, a double vanity if you’ve got space for two, so no one has to wait for anyone else to finish brushing their teeth before they can do theirs. Made of poplar wood and with a stone surface, this pick features clean lines and striking drawer pulls that give it a classic yet modern look that’ll hold up for years to come. And since it has two sizeable cabinets and loads of drawers, you’ll never want for a place to stick your cleaning supplies or extra towels!

    The double vanity in the color Navy Blue

    27. Some elegant ceramic floor tiles suited for use in the kitchen, the bathroom, your entryway, or wherever else you’d like to inject a dose of grace. With a bit of lived-in charm, these tiles are perfect for that vintage, shabby-chic aesthetic.

    The ceramic floor tiles

    28. Or, some similar peel-and-stick floor tiles so you can give your space a new look without committing to an entire tiling project. If you’re familiar with peel-and-stick backsplashes, these vinyl tiles work in much the same way; they’re self-adhesive, so all you need to do is stick ‘em down and you’re good to go. Then, when you’re done with them, they’ll pull back up, no problem.

    The peel-and-stick floor tiles in the color Gray

    29. A wall-mounted towel/robe hook or two, because it’s time for your towels to have somewhere to live that’s not just hanging off the corner of the bathroom door. This modern hook has a sleek, clean profile that’ll dress up any wall while keeping your space tidy, to boot.

    The towel hook in the color Brushed Gold

    30. Or, a compact heated towel rack, because…you deserve it. That’s why. This one mounts to the wall and plugs into your nearest outlet; just turn it on and let it work its magic while you’re in the shower, and you’ll be able to enjoy toasty warm towel when you get out.

    The towel warmer in the color Polish

    31. And a fantastical door knocker, so you can greet your guests with a bit of whimsy. This little bumblebee just can’t wait to welcome you home.

    The door knocker in the color Brass

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