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    25 Things From Lowe’s That Will Help You Affordably Renovate Your Kitchen

    The kitchen of your dreams is just a DIY or two away.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A kitchen island that’ll expand your prep space and your storage space, all in one go — and look darn good doing it, too. This wallet-friendly pick features a solid wood top, two generously sized open shelves, a drawer, and a lil' bar for a dish towel in one classy, timeless package.

    The kitchen island

    2. A six-pack of battery-operated puck lights, so you can illuminate your counters and under-cabinet spaces without needing to rewire your entire kitchen. These LED bestsellers mount with minimal fuss, using either Command strips or good ol’ fashioned screws, and they have a remote, for super-easy operation.

    The puck lights

    3. A cabinet painting kit that includes everything you need to give your kitchen an entirely new look, because you’d be amazed what a good paint job can accomplish. Since this kit comes with two cans of paint, a roller arm, two roller covers, a brush, and illustrated instructions, you’ll be ready to go right out of the box.

    4. Or, a bottle of extremely effective wood polish and conditioner, if you love the natural wood finish of your cabinets, but still want to spruce them up a bit. The oils in this pick condition the wood and keep it from drying out — “feeding” it, so to speak — while the carnauba wax and beeswax give everything a layer of protection it might otherwise be lacking.

    Wood cabinets before and after using the polish

    5. A wall-mounted stainless steel pot rack and a set of six hooks, so you can make sure your favorite pots and pans are always close at hand. It’s worth noting that the rack and the hooks are sold separately — but combining these two pieces results in a stylish and practical storage solution that’s infinitely more wallet friendly than the vast majority of wall-mounted pot racks. Plus, this pick gets bonus points for its ability to pack a ton of storage into a tiny footprint.

    The pot rack and hooks

    6. Some new butcher’s block countertops, because honestly, you’d be surprised how affordable they are, especially compared to granite or marble. This solid birch pick is just waiting for you to give it the exact finish you want, because hey, guess what? DIY can yield gorgeous custom results — without the custom price tag!

    The butcher's block countertops

    7. Or, a roll or two of marble-look laminate sheets, so you can give your countertops a new style without straight-up replacing them. Durable and impact resistant, these sheets are both easy to install and easy to keep clean — and they’ll last a heck of a lot longer than regular ol’ marble contact paper will.

    The laminate

    8. Some sleek and modern drawer pulls that’ll replace your old, dated hardware with an instant upgrade. These reviewer-loved steel bar pulls install quickly and easily — and even better, they come in a pack of 24, so you can take care of aaaaaaall your drawers and cabinets in one fell swoop.

    The drawer pulls in the color Matte Black

    9. A couple of mini glass jar pendant lights, so you can finally give your kitchen the cozy accent lighting you’ve always wanted. It’s worth remembering that pendants are great for style and ambience, but you’ll still want some recessed and/or under-cabinet lights for actual, y'know, cooking. However, these cute lil' babies will give you some gorgeous spot lighting above your island or table, and inject some farmhouse style into your home at the same time.

    The pendant lights in the color Aged Bronze

    10. Or, a set of 12 classic round knobs for a timeless look that’ll evolve right alongside your ever-changing kitchen style. These satin nickel knobs are endlessly versatile — and super affordable to boot.

    The knobs

    11. A 40-pack of rubber cabinet bumpers, because they’re an easy-peasy way to protect your new paint job and cut down on the noise that slamming cabinet doors can make. Just stick these lil' guys onto the inside corners of your cabinet and you’re all set.

    The cabinet bumpers

    12. An adorable piece of coffee- and tea-themed canvas wall art, because you’re going to need something to hang on your naked, naked kitchen walls. These brightly colored kettles and cups will add some playfulness to your space, because food should be fun, right?

    The wall art

    13. Some glossy white subway tiles that’ll finally give you the vintage-style backsplash of your dreams. These tiles require thin-set mortar for installation, so depending on how handy you are, you may want to get a little professional help putting them up — but FWIW, reviewers who installed them themselves say that they’re very forgiving, super cost-effective, and look terrific. What’s not to love?

    The subway tiles

    14. Or, a natural stone peel-and-stick kitchen backsplash, so you can change up your over-the-stove style without needing to mess around with mortar or grout. These self-adhesive tiles just stick right onto wherever you put them (after you’ve cleaned the surface, of course) — and they peel off again with ease, making switching up your backsplash on the regular a heck of a lot simpler than you probably thought it would be.

    The peel-and-stick tile in the color Stacked Carrara

    15. Speaking of grout: A bottle of heavy-duty grout cleaner, because honestly, sometimes, you don’t need to renovate so much as clean to give your space a bright and shiny refresh. Just spray it on any grungy grout you’ve got in your kitchen, let it sit for a minute, then wipe it with a damp cloth, and voilà!

    The grout cleaner

    16. A versatile steel over-sink drying mat that’ll free up tons of counter space for things more important than dishes (see also: #25). Usable as both an under-mount or an over-the-sink option, this sturdy rack spreads out across the sink itself, letting everything drip dry right where it should. Then, once everything is put away, you can roll the mat back up until you need it again, for even more space-saving power. A good renovation is all about the details, you know?

    The drying mat

    17. A new pull-down faucet, because changing out one of the major functional focal points of your kitchen is a lot easier — and cheaper — than you probably think it is. You can get an excellent faucet for under $200, generally speaking; this stainless steel pick from Moen, for instance, switches from stream to spray with the push of a button, paired with a spot-resistant finish for easy maintenance. Also, it’s both futuristic yet classic in style at the same time. Everybody wins!

    The faucet

    18. And an apron-front farmhouse sink that’s surprisingly budget friendly, proving that sometimes, yes, you can actually have it all. Made of fireclay for supreme durability, this charming yet functional sink may finally make it *gasp* fun to do the dishes.

    19. A pull-out cabinet organizer or two, so you can keep your nicely refinished cabinets looking as neat and tidy inside as they look outside. This two-tiered, soft-close rack mounts right inside your cabinet; then, once it’s installed, you can just pull it out, find what you need, and roll it back in — no need to spend 10 minutes sitting on the ground as you root around inside for that one pot you need right now. Who needs custom cabinet inserts when you’ve got this?

    The cabinet organizer

    20. A foodie-themed anti-fatigue mat that’ll keep you comfortable as you whip up your favorite meals in your fresh, new kitchen. The rubber backing makes sure it stays in one place, while the cushioned material eases your aching dogs and back. Comfort plus decor is always a winning combination, is it not?

    The anti-fatigue mat

    21. A super-tall wall-mounted storage rack, because you don’t have to drop a bundle on a custom pantry to get pantry-style storage. This sturdy wire rack can attach to the inside of your existing pantry’s door, or you can just mount it directly onto any free wall you’ve got in your kitchen. The eight baskets can be detached and moved around depending on your needs, too, opening up a whole world of organizational possibilities.

    22. A couple of versatile bar stools that’ll ensure you always have enough seating without making your space look cluttered. These upholstered stools work wonderfully with kitchen islands and bar-height tables alike — and because they don’t have backs, they tuck away easily when not in use.

    The bar stool

    23. Some vinyl plank flooring that’ll give you the look of wood with comfort and durability at an affordable price point. Vinyl planking can be installed over your existing floors, making it a great option when you don’t want to rip up your entire kitchen to redo the floor. (You’ll save a few more bucks that way, too!) Reviewers love this dovetail oak option for its realistic appearance and ease of installation.

    The flooring

    24. And a fancy yet affordable coffee maker, because you deserve it, dang it. Cuisinart’s 12-cup Coffee Plus model brews a terrific cup on command or on a schedule, thanks to its programmability — and there’s also a hot water reservoir that ensures you always have water ready for tea, hot cocoa, noodles, oatmeal, you name it. And at this price point, it’s a real steal!

    The coffee maker

    25. A chic mango wood and terrazzo cutting board that looks great leaning up against your backsplash as decor, or on your table as a charcuterie plate. Yes, the big-picture stuff is usually where the focus goes in a renovation — but don’t forget about the details and finishing touches, too!

    The cutting board

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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