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    26 Target Products That'll Make You Want To Write A “Thank You” Card To Yourself

    Note to self: You're awesome. Don't you ever forget it. But if you do, this coffee mug will be happy to remind you.

    1. A trio of magnets that look like adorable little succulents in equally adorable little pots, because work is always more fun when your office supplies double as décor. Keep your to-do list pinned in place to your white board with these faux plant buddies and you’re sure to tick off every actionable item in no time.

    2. An automatic milk steamer and frother, so you can elevate your regular ol’ coffee into ~Fancy Latte~ territory without running out to Starbucks. This handy gadget can do more than just warm and froth milk, though; it can also whip up some superb hot chocolate or even make cold foam at the touch of a button. Café-style beverages are just moments away with one of these in your coffee bar arsenal.

    The milk frother

    3. A bottle of incredibly effective carpet stain remover from Bissell that's a must for pet owners — or anyone who’s just a little clumsy. As someone who is both (hi there, fellow pet-owning klutzes!), I always, always keep a bottle or two of this stuff around. It works equally well on cat messes and coffee spills, and it gets the job done in literal seconds.

    The carpet stain remover

    4. A stick of blister-preventing, anti-friction balm to save your feet from a fate worse than... well, maybe not death, but certainly extreme discomfort. Whether your sandal straps chafe or your sneakers rub uncomfortably against a bunion or two, an application of this little twist-up stick might help ease your pain.

    The anti-blister foot balm

    5. A pair of fabulously soft PJs, because you deserve to snooze in both comfort and style. Made of breathable fabric for practicality and with notch-collar detailing for vintage charm, these pajamas are the loungewear must-have you didn’t know you were missing.

    A model wearing the pajamas in the color Black

    6. A portable charging bank, so you’ll never be trapped anywhere with a dead phone again. Compatible with a wide variety of devices, from phones to smart watches, this power bank comes with its own USB cable for easy use — and it’s super, super pretty, to boot. It’s always a delight when functional items are also fun to look at!

    The power back in the color Pastel Marble

    7. A table lamp that looks like a T-Rex, because… it’s a table lamp that looks like a T-Rex. What other reason do you need than that??? This unbelievably fun lighting solution is part of Target’s Pillowfort line — but that doesn’t mean you have to be a kid to use it; loads of fully-grown adults have left rave reviews about how much they love having a dinosaur lamp in their home, regardless as to whether they have kids themselves.

    lit green T-Rex lamp on a nightstand next to a bed

    8. A copy of Hot Ones Truth Or Dab The Game, perfect for vacays with friends – even if it rains! Even if it storms! Even if things otherwise do not go to plan! With this fiery truth-or-dare-style party game on hand, you’ll always have something to entertain you if you get stuck inside… as long as you can take the heat, of course. Literally and figuratively.

    Hot Ones Truth Or Dab The Game

    9. A box of Shout stain remover wipes that’ll make sure you never get caught with spaghetti sauce splattered down your front ever again. Each wipe is individually wrapped, too, so you can just toss 'em in your bag and you’ll always be prepared for whatever (literal) messes life throws at you.

    The Shout wipes

    10. A box of rinse pods for your Keurig, because have you looked in there recently? It's a horror show. Happily, cleaning the nastiness that is the inside of your coffee machine after it's been left to its own devices for too long is easy to do: Just run your Keurig as usual, subbing out of your regular coffee pod for one of these rinse pods instead. You deserve to drink coffee that tastes like coffee, not muck.

    The Keurig rinse pods

    11. A fuzzy bed rest pillow that’s good for use all over your home — not just your bed! With a firm yet cushy back and two super useful arms, this fleece-covered pillow turns any flat surface into an impossibly comfortable lounge situation. Cart it with you wherever you go, plop it down, and bam — instant relaxation.

    The pillow in the color Light Gray

    12. A Tile locator tag, so you’ll never have to worry about losing your keys, or your wallet, or any of the other daily essentials you have a hard time keeping track of again. Attach this handy little app-connected locator to your most frequently misplaced items and you’ll always be able to find them when they seem to have grown legs and walked away: Just tap the “Find” button within the app, and the Tile will start ringing. Follow the sound, and voila!

    The Tile tag used on a set of keys, posed next to a phone displaying the Tile app

    13. A Scrubbing Bubbles toilet-cleaning gel stamp that’ll freshen up your bowl every time you flush. When you stamp this little doohickey inside the bowl, it leaves a little patch of gel behind — and for up to 12 days, that patch of gel will continually clean things up a bit with each flush. Future You will absolutely appreciate Past You for having the forethought to keep your bathroom from getting too smelly.

    The toilet gel stamp

    14. A two-pack of silicone FurZappers to ensure your clothes are always pet hair-free when they come out of the wash. Just toss these suckers in with your load — one in the washer and one in the dryer — and any pet hair that’s clinging to your favorite T-shirts and leggings will gravitate toward the FurZappers as the cycle runs. Genius, or genius?

    15. A pair of shockingly affordable wireless earbuds that look Instagram-ready and perform beautifully. With three sound settings, touch controls, a built-microphone, and impressive battery life, these ear buds from JLab have all the bells and whistles you’d expect from high-end headphones — including a delightful color selection! — at a fraction of the price. Your ears and your wallet will both be pleased!

    16. A stoneware coffee mug to remind you how awesome you are every time you use it. From Target’s Threshold line, this minimalist yet stylish pick holds 16 ounces of your favorite beverage for the perfect pick-me-up — whether you’re a “can’t get going in the morning without a cup or three of coffee person” or a “time to relax before bed with some soothing tea” one. It’s both microwaveable and dishwasher-safe, too.

    The mug, which reads "it's official. you're awesome" on the outside

    17. Or, an insulated, stainless steel tumbler that’ll keep your iced coffee cold for hours. This double-walled, vacuum-insulated drink receptacle features a sleek silhouette, a built-in straw, and an array of stunning colors and designs to choose from. What more could your Pink Drink ask for?

    The tumbler in the color Pink Taffy

    18. A set of produce-saving storage containers, so you’ll truly be able to get the most out of each grocery trip. There is nothing sadder than opening your fridge to realize the strawberries you bought two days ago have already started to get fuzzy — but with this set, you’ll be able to stave off that tragedy for way longer. Strawberry shortcake, here you come!

    The produce-saving storage containers

    19. A two-pack of drain snakes, because when your sink is full of standing water, you do not want to have to wait days for the plumber to make it over to your place to clear the clog. Shoving one of these deceptively simple gadgets down your drain will let you yank all the hair, grime, and other debris stuck down in your pipes out yourself in mere moments. It’s gross, but also immensely satisfying — and your future self will absolutely thank you for thinking ahead and stocking up on these before the problem even reared its disgusting, slimy head.

    The drain snake in use in a bathroom sink drain

    20. A scalp-massaging shampoo brush to soothe both your head and your soul. Not only will this pick from Tangle Teezer stimulate your scalp and help nix dead skin cells and buildup, it also feels absurdly luxurious. Every shower should feel like a trip to the spa, should it not?

    A model using the scalp-massaging shampoo brush

    21. A TikTok-famous soap-dispensing dish brush, because anything that makes doing your dishes less arduous is worth it. This lil’ guy opens up so you can fill the handle with your favorite cleaning agent; then, just push the button to dispense the soap right out of the brush head. Your hands will stay out of the dirty dishwater, and your dishes will be sparkling. Everybody wins!

    A model using the dish brush to dispense soap into a pan

    22. A soothing sheet mask that’ll help calm your stressed-out skin in 10 minutes flat. This mask from Pacifica uses coconut, caffeine, green tea, and turmeric to fight redness and inflammation, leaving your skin soothed and your whole self relaaaaaaxed.

    23. A Dash mini waffle maker, because you will NEVER regret being able to have fresh waffles whenever the urge strikes. Cute, compact, and — above all — easy to use, this handy little kitchen appliance has gained a massive following for good reason. You get a waffle! And YOU get a waffle! EVERYBODY gets a waffle!

    The waffle maker in the color Aqua, with a freshly-made waffle inside

    24. A sleek commuter backpack that’ll make sure you always have access to everything you need without bogging you down with all sorts of stuff you don’t. This streamlined pick features a large main compartment, a dedicated laptop compartment that can fit machines of up to 15 inches, an exterior zip pocket, and a water bottle or umbrella holder — and it can be carried comfortably on your back, thanks to its padded straps, or like a tote if you're feeling the handbag vibe. It even has a suitcase sleeve if you decide to take it on the road with you. Talk about versatile!

    25. A mouse pad with a cushy, memory foam wrist support built right into it, because if you spend a lot of time in front of a computer (*raises hand*), and your wrists are really starting to feel it (*raises hand higher*), something like this will go a long way toward alleviating office-based aches and pains. Seriously, y’all — these kinds of mousepads seem super simple, but I will not work without one now. They make constant mouse usage so much more comfortable.

    The mouse pad

    26. And a Nintendo Switch Lite perfect for unwinding with at the end of a long day. Go ahead — hop on the Animal Crossing train. Then make a stop at Unpacking on your way to Stardew Valley. Then go see what Link is up to in Breath of the Wild or Tears of the Kingdom. Countless universes are at your fingertips with this baby on hand — and heck, since it’s so lightweight and portable, you can even take it with you as you explore your own world!

    hand holding blue Nintendo switch

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