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    26 Splurge-Worthy Things From Target You'll Probably Use Over And Over Again

    It feels better to splurge if you use it all the dang time.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A really good coffee maker, because life is too short to drink bad coffee. This eight-cup option from OXO can whip up both individual cups and full carafes – but no matter which you choose, you’ll end up with one fantastic brew. Little did you know that the real Central Perk was your own kitchen this whole time.

    The coffee maker

    2. And a temperature-controlled Ember smart mug, so you'll never have to suffer through the tragedy of ugh-it's-gone-cold coffee ever again. This gadget allows you to set your drink to warm at the precise temperature you like the most — and then it’ll keep it at that temperature until the very last drop. Worth it? I think so.

    The mug in the color Black

    3. A pair of Beats Fit Pro wireless earbuds that’ll fill your world with sound. These babies have all sorts of bells and whistles, from excellent noise-canceling abilities to sweat- and water-resistant construction. They’ll even last for a full 24 hours with the included charging case. Also, they come in a bunch of colors, and, I mean, who doesn’t love options?

    4. A KitchenAid stand mixer, because the perfect marriage of form and function is a beautiful thing. Beloved by bakers everywhere, this kitchen staple can do everything from whip up a gorgeous meringue in minutes to cream butter in 30 seconds flat (source: me — I do this with mine all the time, and I love it for it), and it looks darn good while doing it too.

    The stand mixer in the color Ice Blue

    5. An armchair so cozy, you'll find yourself searching for any and all excuses to snuggle up in it and stay there forever. Reviewers say this minimalist-chic pick is the ultimate in comfy seating – and although its clean lines and goes-with-anything light gray upholstery means it’ll look at home pretty much anywhere, NGL, it’s just screaming to become the centerpiece of that reading nook you’ve been meaning to set up.

    The armchair

    6. A volumizing blowout brush from the hair experts at CHI that comes with a whopping four different attachments, so you can change up your style whenever you like. It’s true that this one is a bit pricier than a similar, internet-famous hair tool I could name (👀) – but with this one, you’ve got not just the round brush option, but also a flat brush, a diffuser, and a concentrator, all of which can be swapped and changed out with ease. When you’re ready to move beyond the entry-level gadget, this one is it.

    7. Or, a 3-in-1 flat iron from Kristin Ess for all your non-blow-dryer-related styling needs. This handy and aesthetically pleasing tool can create not only sleek, straight styles, but gentle waves and gorgeous curls too. It also comes with four temperature presets, so you can make sure it’s neither too cool nor too hot for your hair. Plus, it shuts off automatically after 30 minutes of non-use. Safety first!

    The flat iron

    8. A high-tech sonic facial cleansing brush that’ll pamper every inch of your skin. The soft silicone bristles are gentle on your face while still effectively scrubbing away dirt, oil, and makeup — and with five speeds to choose from, it’s suitable for a variety of needs and skin types. It's also rechargeable, with each charge offering up to 350 (!!!) uses.

    Model using the cleansing brush

    9. A smart clock with a sunrise alarm, because nothing is quite as calming as waking with the "sun." Operated via an app, this little gadget also boasts a smart light, sound machine, and meditation assistance, making sure you’ll snooze soundly and wake up easily.

    the alarm on at night

    10. A sleek, 16-piece stoneware dinnerware set that's as practical as it is sophisticated. In addition to, y'know, looking like a proverbial million bucks, the plates are all dishwasher- and microwave-safe, too. It's a win-win situation!

    The dinnerware set in the color Black

    11. And a set of monogrammed silverware that’ll make you feel like royalty every time you sit down to a meal. Made of stainless steel polished to a mirror-like shine, these fancy forks, knives, and spoons – 46 pieces in all, with service for eight – also have the benefit of being rust-resistant and dishwasher-safe. No need to break out the silver polish after every use!

    The silverware, monogrammed with the letter B

    12. A Nintendo Switch, because this is one gift you can give yourself that’ll keep on giving for-practically-ever. Go ahead – hop on the Animal Crossing train. Then make a stop at Unpacking on your way to Stardew Valley. Then go see what Link is up to in Breath of the Wild. You will never, ever be bored with one of these babies on hand.

    13. A fancy Sonicare toothbrush, because your teeth are 100% worth the investment. (You only get one set, after all!) This particular Sonicare is geared toward gum health; accordingly, it features a pressure sensor to keep you from brushing too hard, three modes so you can tailor your cleaning precisely to what you need, and even a tracker to let you know when it’s time to replace your brush head.

    14. A Casper cooling memory foam mattress that’ll help you get the best sleep of your life. Do you overheat easily while you snooze? This mattress can help with that; its breathable top helps keep air flowing through it – which, in turn, helps keep you cool. Go catch those zzzzzs, friends.

    The mattress

    15. A high-quality, aesthetically pleasing nonstick pan, because cast iron is great, but some things just need a lighter touch. (RIP, every decadent egg yolk I've ever lost to an insufficiently greased pan.) Caraway’s 4.5-quart ceramic sauté pan is the ideal size for an everyday, use-it-for-everything piece of cookware; it even comes with a vented lid to avoid pressure-induced kitchen disasters.

    The saute pan in the color Gray

    16. A handheld garment steamer and iron combo that'll make de-wrinkle-fying your favorite shirts a cinch. (Yes, I know that "de-wrinkle-fying" is not actually a word. No, I do not care, because it is still an absolutely accurate term for what I do to my clothing to make it wearable.) Usable both horizontally and vertically, it can handle traditional ironing and quicker steaming. Heck, you can even use it on curtains, upholstery, or bedding to smooth out wrinkles and kill bacteria. Talk about multifunctional.

    The steamer

    17. A Roomba, so you can outsource that most dreaded of household chores — vacuuming — to the vacuum itself. This Wi-Fi-connected lil' guy uses smart sensors to help it navigate around your home, sucking up anything it encounters along the way, and it’ll even take care of its own recharging, docking itself to top up its battery after running for 90 minutes.

    the roomba on a hardwood floor vacuuming up dirt

    18. An Apple Watch, because if you haven’t hopped on the smart-watch wagon yet, well, what are you waiting for? From tracking your activity to letting you take calls and answer texts without needing to yank out your whole phone, this gotta-have-it piece of wearable tech is proof that the future truly is now.

    The Apple Watch in the color Silver

    19. A chunky knit throw blanket so soft and cozy, you’ll want to spend every waking and sleeping minute under it. Double-knit for durability and handknitted for charm (grandma-core is ~in~ these days, right?), this supremely snug pick is – bonus! – machine washable for easy care.

    The blanket in the color Indigo

    20. A modern arched floor lamp that'll light up your life, literally and figuratively. The bell-shaped shade is futuristic without being over the top, and thanks to the big ol’ curved arm, it can illuminate a large space with ease. Never skimp on your lighting. Your eyeballs will thank you for it.

    the chrome lamp with a white marble base

    21. A ludicrously soft “marshmallow robe,” because Sundays are for sleeping in, and pancakes, and lounging around in the most comfortable item of clothing you can find. This cozy, mid-to-ankle-length pick even has pockets, because honestly, shouldn’t everything?

    A model wearing the robe in the color Heather Glacier Blue

    22. A truly excellent kitchen knife that’ll last pretty much forever. (The essentials are worth splurging on, you know?) Made of high-carbon stainless steel, this gorgeous and durable Japanese santoku knife turns everyday slicing and dicing into your very own personal episode of Top Chef.

    The santoku knife

    23. And a magnetic knife storage bar made of acacia wood, so you can keep your best kitchen tools organized, out of the way, and ~aesthetic~ — all at the same time. Mount this sucker on the wall and you’re good to go, thanks to the super strong magnets embedded within the wood.

    The magnetic knife bar

    24. A natural wood floor mirror with earthy dot embellishments, because your cutest ‘fits deserve something equally as cute to be admired in. Whether you actually hang it or go for a more casual wall-lean, this pick from Target’s Opalhouse line will bring a dash of boho charm to your space in no time flat.

    the mirror mounted on a wall

    25. An upgraded shower head so your bathroom can finally become the soothing spa you always knew it could be. Fun fact: Switching out your shower head is a lot easier to do than you probably think it is – and this one from Waterpik, which boasts a handheld attachment, rain shower, and six different spray settings for each, can go a long, long way toward making your morning (or evening) routine the best it can possibly be.

    The shower head

    26. And a reviewer-beloved true HEPA air purifier, because even if you didn’t realize that you needed one of these until, uh, recently, it’s definitely worth the investment. From improving general ventilation to filtering out specific things like paint fumes or pet smells (ask me and my cats’ litter boxes how we know about that last one!), these suckers are a true household workhorse.

    The air purifier, shown with a smartphone displaying the associated app

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