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    31 Problem-Solving Products From Target For Your Slightly Embarrassing Needs

    From weird smells to bathroom disasters, we've all been there.

    1. A candle that eliminates odors without using heavy perfumes as its main point of attack. Whether you have lovable-but-stinky pets or just occasionally feel like your home has gotten a bit musty, this soy candle from the odor-elimination experts at Febreze might help; just light the wick and let it works its magic. Mmmm. How soothing.

    The candle

    2. Or, a solid odor neutralizer that comes in a handy jar, so you can easily and discretely eliminate any unwanted scents that might be plaguing your bathroom, or your closet, or your car, or…well, you get the idea. Just open the jar when you need it, and close it up when you don’t.

    The odor neutralizer

    3. A Holler and Glow foot peel that’ll slough off the acres and acres of dead skin and calluses clinging to your poor, tired footsies. Just put on these Lisa Frank–esque booties and let the cocktail of lactic and glycolic acid–fueled goodness inside work for about an hour; then take the booties off and wait. In about a week, your feet will shed their dead exteriors and reemerge like butterflies, soft and triumphant, from within. Magical, no?

    Model wearing the foot peel booties

    4. A Squatty Potty, because you deserve to poop in comfort. It may not be the prettiest bathroom accessory, but thanks to its posture-aligning abilities, it’ll work wonders when it comes to helping everything just…slide right on out.

    The Squatty Potty

    5. And an affordable but highly effective bidet attachment from Bio Bidet, so you can treat your tush right when you're all done doing your thing. This sleek, easily installed pick is totally hydraulic, by the way, so if you don’t have an electrical outlet near your toilet, you can still experience the joys of a bidet. Once you do, you’ll never go back.

    The bidet

    6. A stick of Body Glide anti-chafing balm that’ll save you from so much pain and agony — or at least redness and irritation. A little of this stuff on your thighs, underneath your bra band, or wherever else you tend to experience chafing, brings instant protection. It’s sweat and water resistant, too, so it’ll last a good, long while before you need to reapply.

    The anti-chafe balm

    7. A Flamingo ingrown hair spot treatment – it uses white willow bark and lactic acid to reduce swelling and soothe redness in bumps and irritation, shaving related and otherwise. Just slap a little wherever you’re feeling the burn twice a day to get the healing process started.

    The ingrown spot treatment cream

    8. Some flexible dental Soft-Picks, so you can really up your flossing game — particularly if you have, say, braces, a lingual bar, or other equipment in your mouth that traditional floss is hard to maneuver around. These soft little picks pack well, too, so you can keep your oral care up on the go. No more spinach stuck between your teeth!

    The dental picks

    9. Or, a Waterpik water flosser, if you’re ready to make an ~investment~. This tried-and-tested high-tech flossing solution utilizes water and a whole lot of pressure to get in between your teeth, down to your gums, and everywhere else you might find it hard to reach with actual floss.

    The Waterpik in the color Blue

    10. Some bra extenders that’ll make your too-tight bands actually fit. This pack includes three of the little doohickeys; all you need to do is attach them to the hook end of your bra, and voilà! Inches of extra breathing space — literally.

    The bra extenders

    11. A box of Shout stain remover wipes that’ll make sure you never get caught with spaghetti sauce splattered down your front ever again. Each wipe is individually wrapped, too, so you can just toss 'em in your bag and you’ll always be prepared for whatever (literal) messes life throws at you.

    The Shout wipes

    12. A bottle of No More Biting nail polish from Ella+Mila that’ll put a halt to your nail-biting habit once and for all. This clear polish has one heck of a taste to it; you’ll never want to put your fingers near your mouth again after your taste buds have experienced this stuff.

    Model applying the anti-nail biting polish

    13. A box of rinse pods for your Keurig, because have you looked in there recently? It's a horror show. Happily, cleaning the nastiness that is the inside of your coffee machine after it's been left to its own devices for too long is easy to do: Just run your Keurig as usual, subbing out of your regular coffee pod for one of these rinse pods instead.

    The Keurig rinse pods

    14. Some laser-cut underwear that will eliminate the dreaded visible panty line, no matter what you wear on top. Made of lightweight jersey, these cheeky-style undies have a higher-cut leg and mid-coverage in the back — and they come in a delightful array of colors, to boot.

    Model wearing the underwear in the color Burgundy Mist

    15. A bottle of Lime-A-Way cleaner that’ll get rid of the worst lime, calcium, and rust stains your bathroom has had the audacity to collect. If you have hard water, this stuff is a must — just a spritz of it left to sit for a while before scrubbing will improve your cleaning routine so much.

    A drain before and after using the Lime-A-Way cleaner

    16. Some Poo-Pourri lavender and vanilla spray, because taking care of business when you’re sharing a bathroom with others doesn’t have to be an anxiety-inducing experience. Give the bowl a spray before you sit down, and this stuff will stop odors from making their way out into the, uh…general population. Seems goofy, but longtime Poo-Pourri enthusiasts swear by it!

    The Poo-Pourri

    17. A tongue-cleaning brush, because you do not need any unwanted, bad breath–causing bacteria taking up residence inside your mouth, thank you very much. This unusual but useful little tool has a scraper on one end, along with the actual brush — which, fun fact, uses the same kind of bristle that surgical scrub brushes do — to help you keep your piehole fresh.

    Model using the tongue-cleaning brush

    18. A Scrubbing Bubbles toilet-cleaning gel stamp that’ll freshen up your bowl every time you flush. When you stamp this little doohickey inside the bowl, it leaves a little patch of gel behind — and for up to 12 days, that patch of gel will continually clean things up a bit each time water flows over it. True, it won’t handle the really heavy-duty cleaning, but it’s great for the periods between heartier scrubs!

    The toilet gel stamp

    19. A bag of stomach-settling drops, so you can battle your nausea with ease whenever it bubbles up. If you get motion sick on the regular, the ginger, spearmint, and lemon in these little hard lozenges might help you feel a bit better until you can (literally) slow your roll.

    The nausea-soothing drops

    20. A box of garbage disposal cleaner pods that’ll help you get the stink outta your sink. Dropping one of these little things down your garbage disposal will clear out whatever gross junk might be hiding down there in just a few minutes, leaving a fresh lemon scent behind. Aaaaaah. Much better.

    The garbage disposal cleaner pods

    21. Some cable management clips, because your desk doesn’t have to be a cord-strewn mess. This pack of six, self-adhesive, triangular clips — which, TBH, look a lot like tiny paper airplanes, and I love that — will neaten up all your charging cables and other ephemera. Who needs a Zoom background when your workspace is this organized?

    The cable management clips

    22. A self-cleaning litter box perfect for the mildly forgetful cat owner. With its automated cleaning cycle, this baby will absolve you of daily scooping while still keeping your cat happy. Just make sure you remember to empty out the used-litter reservoir from time to time!

    The litter box

    23. A box of Mighty Patch Invisible+ acne patches that’ll suck the gunk right out of your zits. Hydrocolloid patches are a godsend for those of us who battle zits on the regular (hi, it’s me, I’m talking about me) — and these particular patches are super thin and flexible while still packing all the sebum-sucking power of the original version you know and love.

    Model holding a Mighty Patch

    24. A two-pack of silicone FurZappers to ensure your clothes are always pet hair free when they come out of the wash. Just toss these suckers in with your load — one in the washer and one in the dryer — and any pet hair that’s clinging to your favorite T-shirts and leggings will gravitate toward the FurZappers as the cycle runs. Genius, or genius?

    25. A tube of Aveeno Eczema Therapy moisturizing cream that’ll help soothe even your itchiest flare-ups. The cream’s key ingredients — colloidal oatmeal and ceramide — help combat dryness and inflammation, keeping your skin happy and itch free.

    The moisturizing cream

    26. A stick of blister-preventing, anti-friction balm to save your feet from a fate worse than...well, maybe not death, but certainly extreme discomfort. Whether your sandal straps chafe or your sneakers rub uncomfortably against a bunion or two, an application of this little twist-up stick might help ease your pain.

    The anti-blister foot balm

    27. Some wart remover strips, so you can take care of any unwanted visitors right at home — no freezing required. These cushioned, waterproof strips help soothe and eliminate common and plantar warts with salicylic acid. What's more, wearing them is pretty much just like wearing a regular ol' Band-Aid. Couldn’t be simpler.

    The wart remover strips

    28. An earwax removal kit, because the experience of taking out your AirPods, only to find a whole bunch of orange gunk clinging to them is a unique kind of horror. Happily, though, a few drops of this stuff in your ears, followed by a flush-out with the included rubber bulb, will allow you to avoid that moment of distress altogether.

    The earwax removal kit

    29. A bottle of Bissell oxy stain remover that’ll keep your carpets both clean and odor free, no matter what may have ended up on it. It’s particular good for pet-related messes, but it also works on food, red wine, regular ol’ dirt — you name it. Just spray it on the stain, wait for it to work its magic, and blot it away with a damp towel. Voilà! No more mess!

    The carpet stain remover

    30. A six-pack of Terro liquid ant baits, because although, as Dave Matthews once put it, all the little ants are marching, you don’t have to put up with them doing it inside your home. Just pop one of these bait pods where you see the little jerks gathering and it’ll make quick work of them.

    The ant baits

    31. And a big ol’ bag of baking soda – this stuff is a true miracle worker. Smelly cat box? Add a sprinkle of baking soda to the litter. Grubby-looking stainless steel? Scrub it with baking soda. Stinky fridge? Pop some baking soda in there. Anywhere you need some scouring power or some serious odor fighting, baking soda is there for you. Thanks, baking soda.

    A 3.5-pound bag of baking soda

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