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    30 Inexpensive Things From Wayfair That Just May Become The Most Complimented Thing In Your Home

    It is a truth universally acknowledged that a home in possession of an adorable octopus table decoration must be deserving of a compliment.

    1. An elegant, velvet-upholstered barrel chair with a flared, seashell-like back that’ll zhuzh up any room you put it in. Speaking of, it works just about anywhere, and for any purpose: dining chair, accent chair, vanity chair, you name it.

    The chair in the color Pink

    2. A faux ficus tree, so you can bring a little greenery into your space without worrying about whether or not you’ll be able to keep it alive. (Even the non-gardeners among us deserve to have some green in our lives!) This 4-foot-tall pick — which has a real wood trunk, by the way — even comes with its own little rattan basket, so it’s ready to brighten up your home right out of the box.

    Reviewer's photo of the faux ficus tree

    3. A wood and glass cloche just as perfect for keeping baked goods safe as it is for housing a terrarium. Stick it on your mantle. Stash it on your countertop. No matter where you put it, it’ll become a gorgeous and functional focal point. Sometimes, it’s the little things, you know?

    4. A 25-pack of sleek, modern drawer pulls for the easiest, most impactful, and most wallet-friendly cabinet upgrade ever. If your kitchen or bathroom is looking a little bit dated, swapping out the hardware can make a huge difference when it comes to freshening up its look.

    5. A stunning botanical shower curtain that’ll go a long, long way towards turning your bathroom into the soothing spa retreat you always knew it could be. Full of calming tones of green, this elegantly eye-popping curtain proves that practical pieces can be pretty, too.

    Reviewer's photo of the shower curtain

    6. A shiny new faucet for your kitchen sink, because if you haven’t embraced the pull-down faucet life, now is the time. This one is tall enough to accommodate stock pots and water pitchers and includes three different spray options.

    Reviewer's photo of the faucet in the color Brushed Nickel

    7. A plug-in wall sconce or two, so you can light up your life without needing to mess around with any hardwiring. Just mount this chic little number near an outlet, plug it in, and turn it on — no electrician required!

    Reviewer's photo of the sconce in the color Warm Brass

    8. A velvet storage ottoman with cute little hairpin legs you’ll never stop finding uses for. It’s seating! It’s a footrest! If you flip the lid, it’s a side table! And, of course, it’s a place to stash those odds and ends floating around the room you just want to get out of sight!

    9. A gorgeous, nature-inspired freestanding coat rack that’ll add some artful pizzazz to your entryway. Designed to resemble a twisting, turning tree, this iron rack boasts nine “branches” ready to hold coats, bags, scarves, and more.

    10. Some playful, palm frond-patterned peel-and-stick wallpaper, because you don’t have to spend your days staring at plain, white walls if you don’t want to. This self-adhesive wallpaper is simple to install and comes in three colors. You don’t have to use it just for your walls, either — this stuff can easily (and affordably!) spruce up a nightstand, a dresser, or the back of an open shelf, too.

    Reviewer's photo of the wallpaper in the color Coastal Blue

    11. A trio of cream-colored kitchen canisters to perk up your countertops while also giving you a place to stash your beloved tea collection (or sugar, or cooking utensils, or whatever else you feel like storing in ‘em). Note: The stoneware containers themselves are dishwasher-safe, but the acacia wood lids aren’t, so make sure to stash the lids somewhere safe before you run the containers through your dishwasher.

    Reviewer's photo of the kitchen canisters

    12. A set of six cloth napkins with metallic polka-dots, because your table deserves better than folded squares of paper towel. These playful napkins are made of cotton, so they’re easy to care for — just throw ‘em in the washing machine when they need cleaning and you’re good to go.

    13. A set of stoneware dishes that’ll dress up your dining table with understated sophistication. This 16-piece service for four includes dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls, and cereal bowls, all in artfully mismatched shades of green, blue, gray, and cream for a cool, slightly mismatched look. Variety is the spice of life, right?

    14. A soy candle in an eye-catching ceramic jar that’s as lovely to look at as it is to smell. Gorgeous coffee table décor? Check. Lovely, spicey scent that’ll fill your entire environment? Stunning ceramic container with adorable little feet (FEET!) to reuse for whatever you like after the candle is burned all the way down? Check. What more could you ask for?

    Reviewer's photo of the candle

    15. A wall-mounted mail and key organizer, so you can keep all your must-haves right by the door — and off your kitchen table, floors, countertops… you know how it goes. A clutter-clearer-upper and a cozy-looking bit of wall décor, all in one piece? Heck yes!

    Reviewer's photo of the mail and key organizer in the color White/Brown

    16. A string of curtain fairy lights that’ll effortlessly transform your home into a sparkly wonderland. Pro tip: Use something simple like Command clips to hang these icicle lights behind curtains, across a window or wall; then all you have to do is dim the regular lights and turn the curtain on for some hugely magical impact.

    Reviewer's photo of the fairy light curtain used in a dining room

    17. A set of six wireless LED puck lights, because installing under-cabinet lighting doesn’t have to require an electrician — or even a drill. These lil’ guys install super easily with included adhesive tape (or with screws, if you don’t mind breaking out the tools), run on batteries (no hardwire or plugs required!), and even include a remote control so you can turn them on or off from afar. No more stumbling around in the dark on your way to the kitchen for a midnight snack!

    18. A classically chic kitchen prep table, so you can simultaneously beef up your storage space and your counter space. This piece has two open shelves perfect for stashing your most-used pieces of cookware and other supplies, a drawer at the front, and a towel rack on the side — meaning you’ll never lack for… well, anything while you’ve got it around. And it looks as beautiful as it is useful, too!

    Reviewer's photo of the prep table in the color White

    19. A round wall mirror that’ll work wonders when it comes to opening up your space. Adding depth thanks to the reflection and brightness thanks to its ability to bounce light around, this sleek, streamlined pick is the ultimate affordable shortcut to a no-renovation living room makeover.

    Reviewer's photo of the mirror in the color Brass/Gold

    20. A pair of solid sycamore floating shelves perfect for dressing up your walls, or providing some sturdy, low-footprint storage space — or both! Reviewers recommend using your own anchors (although mounting hardware is included), but once they’re up, these suckers work for knickknacks, herbs and spices, plants, extra toilet paper... you name it. Talk about versatility!

    Reviewer's photo of the shelves used in a half-bath

    21. A sleek bamboo shoe rack, so even your shoe storage can be stylish. Perfect for giving your most-worn pairs a convenient place to live (and neatening up your entryway while you’re at it), this compact little piece features four natural wood shelves plus an umbrella stand for a timeless look that’ll never go out of style. Bonus: Reviewers say it’s equally good for organizing gym and workout equipment.

    22. A pair of rattan belly baskets that’ll provide handy yet beautiful storage for everything from blankets to magazines. Decluttering can have a huge impact on your space — and sometimes, getting it done is as easy as tossing a few loose items into an aesthetically pleasing (and budget-friendly) basket. Oh, and hey, these baskets can also spruce up your houseplants in a jiffy, too!

    Reviewer's photo of the belly baskets

    23. A pair of matching glass soap and lotion dispensers, because you’d be amazed what a difference a simple swap from old plastic bottles to classy reusable ones will make — both for looks and utility. Whether you use them for hand soap or dish soap, these classy vintage-inspired bottles are both practical and a lovely way to update your sink or countertop.

    Reviewer's photo of the soap dispensers in the color Clear

    24. A couple of thermal blackout curtain panels that’ll actually, y’know, darken your room (and help it stay a comfortable temperature, to boot!), if you’ve been finding sleep to be somewhat elusive of late. These classic panels have grommets at the top, too, so you won’t need to faff about with curtain rings, either; you can hang ‘em right on the rod. Easy, chic, and so useful, y’all.

    25. A bamboo laundry station, so you can have a practical spot to stash your dirty clothes that’s also *gasp* nice to look at. The three canvas sorting bags — which, by the way, are easily removable and come equipped with carrying handles — will help keep your darks, lights, and delicates separate from each other, while the trio of shelves gives you some convenient space to store your detergent, iron, and other essentials. Who knew laundry could be so pretty?

    26. A corner bookshelf you can use to finally make use of those weird little crevices you’ve never really known what to do with. This four-tier steel and manufactured wood shelf just oozes cool — and whether you use it for actual books, for plants, or for fun objets d’arts, it’ll fill up your most underutilized spaces with panache.

    27. A duo of solid wood tripod table lamps for bringing some delightful, hygge-inspired feels to your home. With a simple design that’s still full of visual interest, these two cute lil’ lamps will brighten up your space all year long — in more ways than one!

    Reviewer's photo of one of the lamps

    28. An industrial-chic blanket ladder — now all those throw blankets you’ve got lying around your home will have a place of their own to live at long last. Unlike most blanket ladders, this one includes a couple of super versatile hanging hooks on the top rung: Reviewers have used them for everything from tiny succulents to hat storage.

    Reviewer's photo of the blanket ladder

    29. A pair of velvet geometric-patterned throw pillow covers with metallic accents, so you can add that certain je ne sais quoi to your space. Both super soft and super ~aesthetic~, these covers will turn your couch into the pinnacle of lounging sophistication.

    30. And a cute little resin tabletop octopus sculpture your friends will not be able to stop talking about. I mean, just look at him. He’s adorable. What’s not to love?

    Reviewer's photo of the octopus sculpture

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.