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    26 Gorgeous Things From Anthropologie That’ll Make Your Home Less Boring

    You are a glorious and exciting human, and your home should reflect that fact.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A soft, nature-inspired lampshade, because, pro tip: Updating your space for visual interest can be as easy as swapping out one shade for another. Designed to replicate an antique Swedish tapestry, this digitally printed cotton shade will add a subtle pop of color to any room.

    The lampshade

    2. A stoneware “window-view” frame perfect for walls that might be otherwise lacking in the window department. These black-and-white art pieces might be neutral in their color palette, but there’s so much detail in each little scene that they’re anything but bland.

    The frames in the styles Country House, Beach House, and Townhouse

    3. A hand-painted vase or two, because it’s always a good time to treat yourself to some flowers. One of these stoneware vessels will turn any bouquet into a true showstopper — even if it's just a bunch of grocery store carnations.

    The vases in the colors Pink and Blue

    4. A brightly colored ceramic stool that’s as versatile as it is stunning. Sit on it! Use it as a side table or use two of them as a coffee table! Display your favorite plants on it! The possibilities are endless!

    The stool in the colors Black And White and Turquoise

    5. A modern floral duvet cover so fresh looking, you’ll swear you can detect the scent of the blossoms drifting through the air. Made of cotton slub and with a button closure, this cover has the added benefit of being machine washable for easy care.

    The duvet

    6. An opulent velvet throw pillow, because we all deserve a little luxury in our lives. This pillow isn’t just richly colored; it’s also gorgeously plush, because, I mean, what’s the point of an accent pillow if it isn’t actually comfortable, too?

    The pillow in the color Violet

    7. A planter styled after a Grecian bust that’ll add a touch of classical beauty to your home. Ideal for both real and faux greenery alike, this piece has proven time and time again to be a true crowd-pleaser — as the more than 300 5-star reviews of it can attest!

    The planter

    8. A gorgeous hourglass end or coffee table you’ll want to put literally everywhere — and guess what? Thanks to the fact that it’s an indoor-outdoor piece, you can! The unique shape of the base and the intricate tiled top make this pick one heck of a statement piece. Super useful? Check. Fun to look at? Check. I’d call that a win-win situation.

    The table in the color Turquoise

    9. A “gilded botanicals” garland that’ll make you believe spring has sprung wherever you hang it — no matter what time of year it actually is. Elegantly eye-catching, it’s fashioned from aged iron, textured velvet, and glass for a botanical accent that lasts.

    The garland on a gray background

    10. A queen bee tieback or two, so even the simple act of pulling your curtains open can jazz things up. These buzzy little brass bees are both surprisingly ornate and full of whimsy — just, y’know, in case you need a reminder who’s queen bee in your home. (It’s you. You’re the queen bee. Because you’re awesome.)

    11. A sunny bath mat that’ll greet you with a compliment every time you step out of the shower. You know what? You are lovely! And you deserve to hear it! Frequently! Ideally in an easy-to-care-for and machine-washable fashion — just like this soft little rug!

    The bath mat, which reads Hello Lovely in curly cursive letters

    12. A set of adorable owl bookends to bring a little character to your shelves. These wise little birds are gold-toned and made of resin — and they're all ready to keep your favorite reads propped up right where they’re supposed to be.

    The bookends

    13. A turtle-shaped planter that can’t wait to help you fill your space with lush greenery. Heads up that this lil' guy doesn’t have any drainage holes, but reviewers say it’s great for succulents and other plants that don’t need a ton of water. There’s also a liner inside to protect the metal.

    The planter

    14. A bold floral shower curtain, because nothing peps up a boring bathroom like an attention-grabbing yet functional focal point. This colorful cotton slub pick is also machine-washable, so if ever starts to get a little…overly damp, you can wash it right out. Heck yes.

    The shower curtain in the color Navy

    15. A unique doorstop that’ll give you a hand (get it?) propping your most stubborn doors open. Why use a plain ol’ wedge when you could pop some unexpected humor into your home with something like this cute little aluminum option?

    The doorstop in the color Blackened Iron

    16. A glitzy photo frame or two to inject some old Hollywood glamour into your home. Bursting with vintage charm, these shiny, leafy frames add a delicate touch to your most treasured memories.

    The frames in three different sizes and the colors Gold and Silver

    17. Some elegant bath towels that’ll transform your bathroom into the sophisticated shower oasis of your dreams. Soft, absorbent, and sustainably made, they’ll wrap you up in style as you dry off every day — and they’ll add a dash of refinement to your space even when all they're doing is hanging on your towel rack.

    18. A truly stunning basket tower, because who says your storage solutions can’t be gorgeous in their own right? This sculptural beauty’s three hexagonal baskets are stacked in alternating directions to give the piece tons of visual interest — and thanks to the roomy size of each little cubby, it’ll provide ample space for extra blankets, pillows, towels, and more.

    The basket tower

    19. A chic, minimalist LED task lamp that’ll light up your life in the best way possible. With a visually arresting silhouette from long, brass neck and pearl-shaped glass globe, this deskside must-have adds distraction-free detail to any workspace – or living room, or bedroom, or anywhere else you feel the need to illuminate!

    20. A peacock towel hook as dazzling as you are, you dazzling dazzler, you. Cheeky and classy all in one, this delightful brass fixture can be used for more than just towels; it’ll give a fun kick to coats, umbrellas, and even décor picks like hanging planters.

    The hook in the color Brass

    21. A tinted glass cloche that’ll transform any plain ol’ piece of décor into the swankiest of home accents. Nothing dresses up a bare surface like a decorative objet or two — and with these endlessly versatile glass pieces, you can dress up anything from plain white candles to little succulents with ease. Ugh. So pretty. So. Pretty.

    The glass cloches in the colors Orange, Turquoise, and Pink

    22. A set of three wire “wallflowers” to add some pizzazz to those odd, empty corners you can’t quite figure out what to do with. These three sculptural, brass-finish blooms bring some extra dimension to your walls — literally.

    The wallflowers

    23. A tabletop vanity mirror that’ll give you the perfect place to perform your daily toilette — but without needing to hang anything or futz around with wall anchors. There's even a little tray at the base of this vintage-inspired pick so you can keep your most-used items handy, from hairbrushes to scent bottles.

    The mirror

    24. A pair of butterfly-shaped knobs, because swapping out your builder-grade closet knobs or plain old drawer pulls for something with a bit more…let’s call it personality is the easiest, most cost-effective way to add a little oomph to an otherwise blah space. These two brass knobs are so detailed, they look like they’d flutter away if you didn’t know they were firmly attached to whatever piece you decided to put them on.

    The butterfly knobs

    25. A terrazzo mantle clock that’ll make sure you’re never late for anything again — because you’ll just keep wanting to stare at this beautiful timekeeper. Don’t be fooled by its simple shape and clean lines; this sleek pick is the peak of sophistication. And, hey, it’s functional, too — two birds, one (proverbial, terrazzo-patterned) stone!

    The mantle clock in the colors Blue and White

    26. And a rich and colorful floral rug, because nothing peps up a room like a statement floor covering. Designed by the Rifle Paper Co. in collaboration with the rug experts at Loloi, this pick is vivid without being overpowering, providing the perfect background to tie together any space — kitchens, living rooms, entryways, you name it.

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