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    20 Bags And Pieces Of Luggage Reviewers Who Travel A Lot Absolutely Swear By

    Fun fact: Living out of a suitcase can actually be fun — if you have the right gear, that is.

    1. An incredibly classy hard-side spinner with faux leather accents because you don't have to sacrifice modern conveniences to get that vintage travel aesthetic. The interior has two huge, lined compartments with straps to secure all your favorite wardrobe accoutrements; meanwhile, the exterior polycarbonate shell protects it all from damage.

    Reviewer's photo of the suitcase in the color Champagne White

    2. A travel backpack that’s basically a TARDIS: With the amount you can fit in it, you’ll swear it’s bigger on the inside. Rather than unzipping solely from the top, this pack opens like a book, so you can load and unload it with the same ease you would a regular suitcase. Meanwhile, the front zip pocket and quick access pocket let you keep your in-transit essentials close at hand — and the padded shoulder straps and sternum strap make sure you can carry it all with comfort and stability. Who needs a rolly bag when you’ve got this handy option?

    3. An expandable hard-side carry-on with a fold-out front panel, because who wants to dig through an open suitcase in the middle of an airport? This super durable option includes a padded sleeve for laptops and tablets — just what the digital nomad life calls for.

    4. A Maxlite 5 soft-side expandable spinner from Travelpro that comes in a rainbow of delightful, yet understated colors. Travelpro’s luggage is designed for ~serious travelers,~ but just because you take your travel seriously doesn’t mean your luggage has to be all business and no fun. This pick has an ergonomic handle and 360-degree wheels for easy maneuverability, a lightweight and expandable design so you can pack more without going over airline luggage restrictions, and a bunch of pretty colors to choose from to keep things exciting. The question is will you be picking up Dusty Rose or Imperial Purple?

    The suitcase in the color Imperial Purple

    5. Lo & Sons’ iconic Catalina Deluxe weekender bag because it’s the perfect marriage of form and function. Available in two sizes, this enormously practical and gorgeously stylish bag features a large main compartment, a separate shoe compartment, a shoulder strap, a drop handle, and a luggage sleeve, so you can slide it over a spinner’s or rollerboard's telescoping handle if you want.

    The weekender bag in the color Dove Grey

    6. A sleek packable duffel so you can expand your carrying capacity in mere seconds. The bag folds and zips up into itself, making it easy to toss in a bigger suitcase when you’re on the go — and then, if you find you’ve, uh, gone a little overboard on shopping throughout your travels (been there, done that), all you need to do is unzip and unfold this little wonder, and bam! Your travel storage space has instantly increased. It’s like magic.

    7. A Beis backpack both sleek enough and useful enough even for the classiest of business travelers. With a large main compartment that opens up fully for easy packing, a padded laptop sleeve, not one but TWO water bottle pockets (gotta stay hydrated on the go, right?), and a trolly pass-through sleeve, this travel-friendly backpack definitely beats out your average briefcase for practicality.

    8. A hard-side spinner in a fun and elegant pattern, so your luggage can scream “I’M ON VACATION!” just as loudly as your mouth can. Lightweight and durable, this American Tourister option has 360-degree wheels, a smoothly-telescoping handle, and the ability to expand at the flick of a zipper. All those souvenirs have to go somewhere, right?

    9. A heavy-duty hard-side spinner from Samsonite because a little ruggedness can go a long way when it comes to protecting your stuff in transit. It’s got all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a brand like Samsonite — multi-directional wheels, a telescoping handle, a super organized interior, a TSA-compliant lock, the works. And the scratch-resistant polycarbonate shell comes in both sedate neutrals and bold brights, so whether you’re looking for something that’ll blend in or stand out, this sucker's got you covered.

    Reviewer's photo of the suitcase in multiple sizes in the color Caribbean Blue

    10. A classic canvas weekender with leather trim that'll never go out of style. It's not overly packed with pockets or other organizers, but reviewers still say that this pick fits a surprising amount. It's ideal for shorter trips — and if that rough-and-tumble outdoorsy look is your jam, it'll fill that role with aplomb.

    Reviewer's photo of the duffel in the color Gray

    11. A soft-side spinner so compact, it’ll fit right under the seat of most airplanes. Perfect for short, overnight, or two-to-three-day trips, this baby has a main compartment that can accommodate not just clothes, but also laptops of up to 13 inches, quick-stash exterior pockets for anything you need to keep easily accessible, and a USB port compatible with most power banks, so you can make sure your devices stay charged while you’re on the go. And, of course, it’s got four multi-directional spinner wheels for the easiest of maneuverability, because what’s a good piece of luggage without 'em these days?

    12. A sleek, carry-on friendly hard-side spinner from Monos that’ll make you look and feel every inch the sophisticated jet setter. Minimalist but not boring and lightweight but not flimsy, it's got all the premium bells and whistles frequent flyers adore — super quiet wheels, a smooth telescoping handle, a TSA-approved lock, and of course plenty of space for your wardrobe and other travel necessities — all packed into one gorgeous and durable package.

    Models carrying Monos Carry-On suitcases Olive Green and White

    13. A slick travel backpack built with technophiles in mind, because no one wants to spend a million years digging around for their phone or laptop or tablet or e-reader or… well, you get the idea. This pack's two big zippered pockets provide plenty of storage for clothing and other necessities; meanwhile, a compartment that can store laptops up to 15 inches in size keeps your most valuable electronic assets safe. There’s even an external USB port you can hook up your own power bank too, so you can easily charge your phone wherever you go.

    Reviewer's photo of the backpack in the color Austere Gray

    14. The Away Everywhere bag because light packers everywhere swear by it. Combining the compactness and practicality of a duffel with the zip-open ease of a suitcase, the large size of this handy duffel can pack everything you need for a one- or two-night trip into one portable, pick-it-up-and-go package. Or, pair it with a regular spinner for a one-two travel punch – it’s got a luggage sleeve you can slide right over the handle of your suitcase.

    15. A four-piece soft-side luggage set reviewers say can’t be beat in style and durability for the price. Included are 21-, 25-, and 29-inch upright rollerboards — all of which are expandable — along with a 15-inch tote. Consider it the “starter home” of luggage sets.

    Reviewer's photo of the suitcase set in the color Gray

    16. A soft-side expandable spinner beloved by flight attendants and crew, because, well, who better to trust when it comes to frequent flyer-friendly luggage than folks whose literal jobs are to be frequent flyers? This pick from Travelpro includes a removable zip-in garment bag perfect for business travelers — along with everything else you’d expect a good bag to have nowadays, like super smooth spinner wheels, a comfortable handle, a laptop pocket, and even a dedicated pocket for a power bank.

    Reviewer's photo of the spinner suitcase in the color Jet Black

    17. A set of matching hard-side spinners so you’ll always have the exact right-sized suitcase for your trip — no matter how long or short a journey it might be. Available in a wide array of bright and bold hues, this set includes four different-sized bags, all of which nest into each other for easy storage. And with retractable handles, 360-degree spinner wheels, TSA-approved locks, and (of course) plenty of interior space? Well, let’s just say all your travel needs are guaranteed to be sorted as long as you’ve got these on hand.

    The suitcase set in the color Sky Blue

    18. An expandable canvas duffel for those who tend to, uh, bring back more than they left with. Two pull-down zippers on either side let the bag stretch out an extra couple of inches, giving you plenty of space to bring back any treasures you may have found on your travels. The memories are worth the load, right?

    Reviewer's photo of the duffel in the color Dark Grey

    19. An expandable hard-side spinner because yes, they do exist! If you’re used to finding expandability only on soft-side bags, this spinner should be a welcome surprise: Just open up the zipper that runs around the suitcase’s edge, and bam — extra space, right at your fingertips. It's all wrapped up in a sturdy polycarbonate shell, too.

    20. And a convertible carry-on by Thule that’ll always adjust to your needs, no matter how often they change. This surprising little bag can be carried with a handle, slung across your body like a duffel, or worn as a backpack — so if you need to free your hands up, this little guy has you covered. Plus, reviewers say that it holds a truly astonishing amount for such a small package. How’s that for versatile?

    Two models wearing the bag in the color Black in two different ways: as a crossbody and as a backpack

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