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    All The Best Deals At Chewy’s End Of Summer Savings Event

    Get up to 40% off all your fave pet essentials.

    It doesn't have to be a sad occasion when the seasons start to turn; it can even be cause for celebration – especially for pet parents, because Chewy’s End Of Summer Savings event is going on right now. With discounts of up to 40% (and sometimes even more!) available on must-haves for dogs, cats, birds, small animals, reptiles, fish, and even chickens and farm animals, now is the perfect time to stock up on essentials and treats alike.

    Not sure where to start? Here are some of the best deals at Chewy’s End Of Summer Savings event to consider putting in your cart.

    1. 40% off an elevated dog bed with a sturdy steel frame, so your pupper can be comfy and cool at the same time. It’s basically a little doggy hammock. What’s not to love?

    The pet bed in the color Green

    2. 60% off an adorable hoodie for the pup with wanderlust, because it’s important to keep warm on the road. This breathable piece includes a leash hole at the back for easy walking.

    A dog wearing the hoodie

    3. An additional 30% off an already-on-sale mini sun dome lighting fixture for your lizard, because who doesn’t love an extra good deal? It’s also highly rated, so you can be sure your favorite reptile will get all the warmth they need.

    The sun dome

    4. 30% off a set of pet stairs, so your favorite furry pal can climb up to the sofa or bed for snuggles with ease. This mini-staircase is made of sturdy plastic with machine-washable carpet treads; it can hold pets up to 75 pounds.

    The pet stairs in the color Chocolate

    5. 30% off a bag of ComfyCritter small animal bedding that’ll keep your smallest pal in comfort, and your home dust-free. Made of natural wheat straw, ComfyCritter is on the pricier end for small pet bedding, but reviewers say it’s worth it – and now’s the perfect time to stock up!

    6. 24% off a Wondurdog dog-washing kit, because keeping your dog clean doesn’t have to be a struggle. Including a shower brush head, a shower diverter with a brush holder, a suction cup holder and plumbers tape, and an eight-foot flexible metal hose with washers, this kit will transform your bathtub into a dog-washing station in a flash.

    The dog-washing kit

    7. 30% off a handsome, red and black Buffalo check collar that’ll keep your pup safe and stylish. This cute li’l collar is equipped with both a D-ring and a separate ring specifically for your pet’s tags.

    A dog wearing the collar

    8. And 30% off a matching Buffalo check leash, because your furry pal is nothing if not put-together. With six feet of length and a handy bolt snap, this pick will make you and your pup the toast of the town on your afternoon walks.

    The leash

    9. An extra 20% off an already-discounted glass reptile terrarium at checkout, so your favorite scaly pal can be the ultimate lounge lizard. This one opens from the front for easy access, but also fastens securely with a lock to make sure that it’ll only open you want it to.

    The terrarium

    10. 60% off a pair of shark-adorned pet pajamas, because, well, just look at them. Does your pet need PJs? Not really (although this jersey pick does protect furniture and upholstery from shedding and dander, and can also help curb excessive grooming, if that’s an issue for your pal). Are they the cutest thing ever, regardless? Absolutely.

    A dog wearing the PJs

    11. 20% off a pack of 24 cardboard “bagels” for your bird, because they’ve got to sink their beak into something, right? These colorful little discs will satisfy your feathery friend’s need to chew, peck, and peel stuff in a safe, non-destructive way.

    The bird bagels

    12. 32% off a tin of bulldog nose butter, so you can keep your bulldog’s nose moisturized and free of nasal hyperkeratosis.

    13. 30% off a cactus-shaped cat scratching post that’ll give Mittens something to sink her claws into that isn’t your couch, or your rugs, or your curtains, or…well, you get the idea. Bonus points for the design of this pick; it’ll add a ton of whimsy to your space.

    The cat scratcher

    14. Or, 30% off a heavy-duty cat tree, because for most cats, a single scratcher just won’t cut it. With tons of perches, scratching posts, and even a little hammock, this climbing structure will keep your feline friend occupied for ages.

    The cat tree in the color Gray

    15. An additional 30% off an already-heavily-discounted, airline-approved soft side pet carrier, so that you and your pet can both be comfy wherever you go. Mesh sides and a padded interior keep things cozy for your cat or dog, while the handle and padded strap offer ease of transport for you.

    16. 32% off a bottle of API Stress Coat water conditioner, so you can make sure your fishy friends’ slime coat is in tip-top condition, and reduce the chlorine, chloramines, and heavy metals in their water, all at once.

    The Stress Coat

    17. An extra 30% off a furry bolster bed, because your pet deserves the best napping spot possible. Perfect for cats and dogs who like to curl up into little balls while they sleep, this round, cushy bed is also machine-washable for easy care.

    18. 30% off a Snak Shak log for your guinea pig or rabbit, because it is literally a treat, a chew, and a hideaway, all in one. Think of it as a Willy Wonka invention specifically for your small pet – but one that also helps with dental health. Heck yes.

    A small pet inside the Snak Shak log

    19. An extra 30% off a liquid vitamin supplement for reptiles – on top of an already hefty discount! – because geckos, turtles, bearded dragons, and the like all need to stay on top of their vitamins to stay healthy, too. An inch of prevention is worth an ounce of cure, right?

    The liquid vitamin supplement

    20. 30% off a quilted hammock car seat cover, so your animal pals can travel in comfort and safety. This neat cover attaches to the headrests of the front seats and the back seats, sturdily covering up not only the seats themselves, but also that awkward gap between the front and back seats so your pet won’t tumble in during a sudden stop. There’s also a leash tether for added security.

    The car seat hammock in the color Black/Teal

    21. 30% off an API freshwater aquarium master test kit that’ll help you keep an eye on your finny pals’ environment and make sure it’s the best place for them to live. Fish need balanced levels of ammonia, pH, high range pH, nitrite, and nitrate in their water to thrive; regular monitoring with this kit will let you know when to adjust everything.

    The aquarium testing kit

    22. 21% off a double-sided grooming comb that’ll help you keep your extra-fluffy pet’s floof in check. One side has a coarse comb for loosening dense, matted fur, while the other side has a fine comb that’ll silkify your long-haired pet’s coat. The teeth of both combs are also positioned so they’re parallel to your pet’s skin – no scratching here!

    The comb

    23. 40% off a travel pet pillow, so your animal companion can always have a cozy place to stretch out, no matter where you are. This packable pillow has a microfiber sleep surface and comes with a little storage bag so you can easily just pick up and go.

    The travel pet pillow in the color Orange

    24. 28% off a poultry feeder and waterer, because these things are a godsend if you keep backyard chickens (it’s a thing!). The base is reversible, too, so if you want to switch it from a feeder to a waterer or back again, all you have to do is unscrew the reservoir, flip the base, and screw the reservoir back on again. Easy peasy!

    The chicken feeder

    25. 30% off an extra-long algae scraper for glass aquariums, because… well, it’s not exciting, but you definitely need it you have a tank or two. Keep those aquarium walls clean, and don’t let your fish swim in cloudy water!

    The algae scraper

    26. 30% off a hay feeder rack that’ll keep your bunnies’ hay separate from their waste. There’s a reason the saying “don’t poop where you eat” exists, after all.

    The hay feeder rack

    27. And 32% off some large dog nail clippers, because no, you don’t have to go to the groomer every time your pup’s nails get a little too long. The plier-like design of this set makes clipping your pet’s nails as easy and painless as possible. Everybody wins!

    The clippers

    Want to see even more amazing deals? Check out everything in Chewy's End Of Summer Savings event before it ends!

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