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The Best Things About "Work Bitch"

In case you've been living under a rock, part of Britney's new single leaked. And it is as spectacular as you'd have hoped.

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The return of Britishney

Her British accent is so incredibly misguided and inaccurate, but for some reason, she makes it completely endearing. It provides us with tinges of psycho-Britney circa 2005 when she'd randomly bust out a Cockney accent while walking barefoot through a gas station at 2 AM.

The impending music video

By all accounts, the video is supposed to be spectacular, with Britney allegedly dancing her ass off in the style of old school Britney. Think Onyx Hotel Tour, but in the middle of the desert. Plus, there's a bikini and (at least) six-inch wedge heels involved, not to mention she's personifying her own lyrics: "Look hot in a bikini, you better work bitch!"

The fact you're going to hear it in every gay club ever for the next three months

The song's mainstream commercial appeal is questionable, but rest assured you'll see multiple drag queens performing it and flocks of gays twerking to it in the club.

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