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How Much Of A Socialist Are You?

This test is for the purpose of finding socialists

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  1. 1. Check all of the following things you have done

    Run through the streets yelling DOWN WITH AMERICA
    Ever called someone an imperialist pig
    Immediately after saying that, said OINK OINK!
    Then after that said "Can I pour you a glass of oil!!"
    Ever made a pro socialist speech in any form
    You own at least one things with a hammer and sickle on it
    You own at least 5 things with hammers and sickles on them
    You know the Soviet Russian national anthem by heart
    You didn't feel that bad when Ukraine was invaded by Russia
    You thought that the Crimean invasion was long overdue
    You are hoping that the Soviet Union Rises again and Crimea is just the first step
    You have a poster of Lenin in your room
    You feel nostalgic for when the Soviet Union was the worlds largest Superpower
    You look up to Yuri Gagarin
    You support a nuclear arms race
    You can't stand wall street
    You hate the one percent
    You want wealth stripped from the powerful
    You believe Cuba is a better place to live than the United States
    You have a family member in the Gulag
    You turned that family member in because they had anti government thoughts
    You felt no remorse for turning that family member in as you have more devotion to the Socialist party
    You don't think the actions taken by Stalin were that bad
    You think Stalin's actions were completely justified
    You think that Mao Zedong was a great man
    You would prefer anarchy to capitalism of any form
    You voted for Donald Trump because you wanted to see capitalism fall
    You have been to a Bernie Sanders Rally
    You thought he was too moderate and lenient on the Wall Street
    You wish Bernie was more extreme in his views
    You think that the Hunt for Red October is a tragedy

How Much Of A Socialist Are You?

You clearly are a wall street loving bastard. You clearly drink a glass of oil for every meal and step on the hands of the proletariat for fun. Your kind has caused the downfall of humanity and every modern tragedy is as a result of your greed. When the socialists rise again, you will be immediately sent to the Gulag.

You are capitalist pig OINK OINK!!
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Every night when you turn on the shower, the blood of the working class comes out of your shower. Your ignorance has caused the world to crumble, you have no excuse for your greedy ways. You better learn to accept the socialist alternative or there is a bed in gulag with your name on it.

You are liberal trash.
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You know that a capitalist system is flawed, you have much to learn on how to crush the capitalist pigs, but you are on the right track. Learn to take your vodka and throw away your friendships with capitalists and you might be able to fit in with the new socialist order

You might live through the socialist uprising.
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You are the definition of a working class citizen. you know that the fall of the capitalist regime is in the near future and are planning for the new socialist order. We cannot wait for you to join our worthy cause comrade, your forefathers have not died in vain as you will be the most valuable part in our new, better, Society.

Welcome Comrade, we have been expecting you
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There is not a more perfect sight than than a capitalist pig getting slaughtered by the greedy sausage machine, and it is clear you agree. You have supported the socialist alternative since the beginning and will be highly exalted as a fine working class citizen. because of you, we will be eating the metaphorical bacon of the capitalist fat and enjoying the benefits of being a hard working laborer. If you work hard and take out the liberal trash you will be remembered as a hero for the communist party. there is no one higher than the common man. Keep up the good work comrade.

The reincarnation of Vladimir Lenin
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