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The Definitive Ranking Of Cereals From Worst To Best

So many cereals. But which one is the ultimate?

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12. Shreddies


Shreddies are almost as boring as Branflakes. They are possibly the most overrated cereal. Nestle have exploited some grannies to knit them, which does not make them more appealing. If anything, it's just a bit creepy.


8. Sugar Puffs

Is this delicious cereal really just popcorn in disguise? The Honey Monster scrapes it into the top 10, but only just. The sugar puff's main downfall is that if you don't eat them quick enough they turn into a sad soggy mush.


5. Porridge

It may look a little like vomit, but porridge is perfect on a cold Winter's morning with a little golden syrup on top. Ideal for those of us who have a little more time on our hands in the morning, unless you eat it from a packet. But that's just weird.

4. Honey Loops

Forget Honey Cheerios, Honey Loops are where it's at. These are so more-ish that you can easily get through a box in one day. No need to feel guilty about how healthy they are, because they're actually high in fibre AND in wholegrain. (Apparently.) Perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

3. Special K Creamy Berry Crunch

Although you don't get as much in the box, the combination of berries with the creamy yoghurty bits put this cereal at number 3. You might even trick yourself into thinking it's really healthy, too.

2. Weetos

Remember Professor Weetos? This cereal is not just for kids. Weetos might cut the roof of your mouth just a little, but they are O-so addictive! Crunchy, chocolately and good value for money- they fully deserve second place.

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