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    15 Easy And Convenient Ways I'm Living A More Eco-Friendly Life That You Can Try, Too

    My dad used some wire laying around and wood from an old bed to build a chicken coop, and my bed is also made from an old wooden palette!

    Hi! My name is Titilua Ikenasio, and I'm a 26-year-old living in Australia. As a Samoan woman, climate change and living sustainably are so important to me because the Pacific Islands are at the forefront of the climate crisis. Although I’m currently not living there, I try and support the fight against climate change in any way I can.

    Titilua Ikenasio posing for a photo

    Here are a few ways I try to live a little more sustainably and reduce my impact on the Earth that you can try, too:

    It's important to note that these are just things I do personally, and you can take whichever ideas are easily adaptable to your lives!

    1. I try to use more eco-friendly products so the waste is not toxic to the environment.

    The author holding a cleaning product

    2. When shopping, I opt for reusable items rather than single-use products.

    Dish towels

    3. I'm mindful about eating meat.

    A dish in the midst of being cooked

    4. My family grows our own vegetables.

    The author in a garden

    5. I try to buy less.

    6. I'm aware of my energy consumption.

    A hand flicking a light switch

    7. I use food scraps as compost.

    A young girl holding a cart of food scraps

    8. I joined online share communities like Facebook Marketplace.

    Screenshot of Facebook groups

    9. If I don't need to drive, I don't!

    10. We upcycle whenever possible!

    A young boy standing in front of a chicken coop

    11. My family doesn't buy single-use, plastic water bottles.

    A young girl holding a water bottle

    12. I try to buy high-quality items whenever possible because they last longer.

    13. I reuse my plastic bags when shopping.

    A bag with the recycle logo

    14. I try to use paper straws or metal straws where possible.

    Straws in a basket

    15. And finally, I joined a local group that advocates against corporate and government contributions to climate change.

    Two people holding a flag

    Do you have any more tips on how to live more sustainably? Share them in the comments below!