The Emotional Journey Of Every “House Hunters” Episode Ever

Your love/hate relationship with HGTV, in GIF form.


Aaaaaand there goes my afternoon.

2. Oh, great. Another obnoxiously schmoopy couple. / Via Tumblr

Do they have real names? Or is it just “babe” and “sugarmuffin”?

3. Their wishlist is about 10 years long…and their budget is $150,000. / Via Tumblr

Good luck finding a 5-bedroom place with a koi pond and maid’s room in New York for that price!

4. Also on their wishlist: a place that has “character” and “charm.” / Via Tumblr

…only to find out that “character” in their budget translates to “asbestos in the ceilings.”

5. Their 3-year-old child and/or dog gets a “significant say” in the home purchase. / Via Tumblr

How cute.

6. Okay, so we’ve finally moved on from interviewing to actually looking at houses. / Via Tumblr


7. The first house is STUNNING… / Via Tumblr

Fully updated kitchen, dark cherry hardwood floors, exposed brick…

8. …until you remember that you’d never be able to afford it in a million years. / Via Tumblr

Does this come in a cheap version?

9. These people decide they can’t buy the house because of the paint color in the dining room. / Via Tumblr

You know a can of paint is like $50, right?

10. It also doesn’t have enough “entertaining space,” which they need because they’re super popular. / Via Tumblr

Unless you plan on having 25+ people over for dinner every night, BYE.

11. Oh, and their toddler doesn’t like it, so there’s that. / Via Tumblr

Can’t form complete sentences yet, but can dictate where you should spend your $500,000.

12. The realtor starts getting sassy with them and dropping some truth bombs. / Via Tumblr

Four for you, Karen.

13. The next house is exactly what the husband wants, but everything the wife doesn’t. / Via Tumblr

I see what you did there, Karen.

14. The third house is hideously outdated, and $50,000 over budget… / Via Tumblr

Didn’t you people say that you wanted move-in ready?

15. …and they actually like it. / Via Tumblr

Don’t worry, the dog loves it too.

16. Then comes the suspense as they make their decision / Via Tumblr

…which only takes like ten years.

17. And you’re like, GO FOR THE MOST EXPENSIVE HOUSE! / Via Tumblr

It’s totally worth it. As an investment. Or something.

18. …and they choose the UGLY, OVERPRICED ONE. / Via Tumblr


19. They didn’t even negotiate on the price. / Via Tumblr

I mean like it’s your choice, just know that it’s a terrible one.

20. And just when you’re about to be like… / Via Tumblr

21. …they go right into an episode of House Hunters International. / Via Tumblr

No, seriously, my entire day is shot.

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