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    11 Of The Worst Peter Stone Moments On "Degrassi"

    He can truly be considered the original f-boy.

    Degrassi has featured many awful characters during its run, but none have matched the utter loathsomeness that is Peter Stone. Peter is a character who perfectly epitomizes the overly privileged white male. He commits some of the worst atrocities on the show, yet rarely is made to face any real repercussions for his actions, mostly thanks to his privileged background.

    11. He Uses His Family Problems to Garner Sympathy

    Peter's parents fight. Episode 615: "Free Fallin', Part 2"

    10. He Jerks Mia Around

    Peter and Mia argue. Episode 816: "Heart of Glass"

    9. His Relationship with Mia Was Founded on Homophobia

    Peter and Riley play pool while Mia sits off to the side. Episode 805: "Man With Two Hearts"

    8. He Uses Darcy and Lies to Her

    Peter and Darcy are pulled over. Episode 614: "Free Fallin,' Part 1"

    7. He Frames Sean for Drug Possession

    Drugs are found in Sean's locker. Episode 602: "Here Comes Your Man, Part 2"

    6. He Contributes To Sean Getting Arrested

    Peter taunts Sean. Episode 602: "Here Comes Your Man, Part 2"

    5. He Takes Crystal Meth and Humiliates His Girlfriend

    Peter accepts crystal meth. Episode 901: "Just Can't Get Enough, Part 1"

    4. He Continues To Take Crystal Meth, Ruining His Relationship

    Peter disrupts Mia's photoshoot. Episode 902: "Just Can't Get Enough, Part 2"

    3. He Exploits Darcy Online and Endangers Her Life

    Peter photographs Darcy. Episode 606: "Eyes Without A Face, Part 2"

    2. He Takes Advantage of Manny

    Peter records Manny. Episode 501: "Venus, Part 1"

    1. He Blackmails and Revenge Porns Manny

    Peter and Manny fight. Episode 505: "Venus, Part 2"