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10 Reasons You Should Stop Hating Taylor Swift

She's just gonna shake shake shake

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Taylor Swift. You either love her…

Or you hate her.


I mean, she was a bit annoying at the start…

And just a little too obsessed with fairy tales…

But then she totally owned up to her faults…

And then proceeded to actually represent a REAL teenage problem…

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Then she did it again on The Tonight Show

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The Atlantic was right to say, “Taylor Swift Is So Much More Fun Now That She's Jaded.”

She's lost her innocence...

Now she's just here to have fun.

And STILL, she hasn't forgotten her fans.

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Listen. She’s friends with Victoria’s Secret model KARLIE KLOSS.

And when we called them out for ‘kissing,’ Taylor unleashed some majorly passive aggressive sass…

Still don't like her? Taylor, take it away:

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