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15 Things You'll Only Understand If You Played Tennis As A Kid

Drop shots 4 the win.

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1. That awesome feeling when you finally owned a proper racket.

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2. And the first thing you did was accessorise it like a pro.

A smiley face shock absorber will do nicely.

3. Then you started working on your technique.


4. And learning the drills.

5. Your first few matches were decided by double faults.


6. There was always one kid who everyone thought would grow up to play in a grand slam.

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7. You always ganged up on the coach.

8. You would constantly hit loose balls into other courts... / Via

...and you had to wait awkwardly for the point to finish or risk dodging the flying tennis balls.

9. The drop shot was always your favourite.

Universal Pictures / Via

Haters gonna hate.

10. And you attempted it way too often.


11. Your first tournament was kind of terrifying...

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...but it didn't take you long to catch the competitive spirit.

12. The smell from a brand-new tube of tennis balls will never escape you.

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13. But you never quite mastered serving into the sun.

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14. You still remember that first ace.

15. And when you watch tennis on TV, you convince yourself you still have what it takes to be pro.

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Maybe you do?

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