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    17 Things From Amazon Canada That You’re *Definitely* Gonna Want In Your Home This Spring

    Spring has sprung, and so has my need to redecorate.

    1. A pack of natural pampas grass for a touch of boho-chic decor. Just toss them in a glass vase and live your HGTV fantasy.

    Natural grass decor in a glass bottle

    2. A pair of fuzzy ball towels for your bathroom that will make drying your hands so much cuter. And they're machine-washable!

    One white and one grey round, fuzzy towels hanging on a bathroom wall

    3. These modern candle holders that will make your home feel like a cozy little café. I would highly suggest using them as a centrepiece on your patio table – they'll make dining al fresco *so* much more aesthetic.

    A set of three geometric candle holders

    4. These 3D butterfly decals that will make any room feel like a fairy's mushroom home. They come with double-sided tape, which means putting them up will be a breeze.

    5. This macrame wall hanging that'll add some ✨vintage vibes✨ to your space. It's handmade with 100% cotton thread for that crafty touch.

    A macrame art piece hanging on a wall

    6. A set of gorgeous floral wall decals that will make your living room or bedroom feel like a garden. They're easy to stick to your walls and will come right off when you're ready — perfect for renters.

    A couch with large floral wall decals behind it

    7. A set of gold and white elephant statues that would look great on a nightstand or mantle. One reviewer said it was the perfect addition to their bookshelf (imagine how cute this would look tucked between your stacks of novels?).

    A pair of elephant head statues with their trunks raised in the air

    8. A set of witchy wall hangings if you're into all things mystical and magical. Reviewers say they were impressed with how beautiful and high-quality they are IRL.

    A set of three diamond-shaped pieces of wall art with celestrial and lunar themes

    9. A set of three faux succulents in adorable planters with geometric patterns. They're small enough to add a pop of green anywhere you need.

    A set of three planters with patterned designs, each holding an artificial succulent plant

    10. These colourful travel posters that highlight some of the best party spots in the world. They come with adhesive dots, so you won't have to damage your walls.

    Travel posters for Palm Beach, Bondi Beach, Capri, Ibiza, Miami and Mykonos

    11. A cotton rope storage basket that can be used as a chic laundry hamper or as a place to keep cozy blankets. Sure, you could do a full spring clean, or you could just buy cute things to chuck your stuff in.

    A basket made of stacked ropes with a towel peeking out

    12. A mandala area rug to add a pop of colour and pattern to any boring floor. It has a non-slip bottom so it won't go sliding all around your house.

    A round area rug with a mandala pattern

    13. A cheeky welcome sign for when you want to be welcoming, but not too welcoming. If you're going to hang something on front door, why not make it sassy?

    A round sign that reads "welcome-ish, depends on who you are & what you want"

    14. A set of rustic wooden trays that's the ideal spot for candles, crystals, or some botanical touches.

    One larger and one small wooden tray with various knickknacks on top

    15. A set of honeycomb-style floating shelves to sweeten up your walls. Combine these with the succulents or candle holders for an adorable display.

    Six wooden hexagon shelves that fit together like a honeycomb

    16. A mirrored tray that'll be a splendid lil' spot for perfume or jewellery. No more letting all your necklaces tangle up in a drawer somewhere.

    A geometric jewelry tray with a mirrored bottom

    17. And finally, a farmhouse-inspired toilet paper holder with a handy shelf for putting your phone on while you do your business.

    A wooden toilet paper holder with a shelf above the roll for placing a phone

    Why spring clean when you can just spring redecorate?