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Which Sonnick Child Are You?


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  1. How many nicknames do you have?

    I've forgotten my actual name at this point
    Not many: my real name is cool enough
    tengo algunos apodos
  2. How athletic are you?

    I threw a football once
    next question please
    depends if the brain counts as a muscle
  3. It's Christmas morning: where are you?

    with inflatable hammer in hand, plotting
    sitting on the stairs waiting
  4. Where did you/do you currently go to college?

    Notre Dame
    The University of Notre Dame du Lac
    ND, bitches!
  5. How clumsy are you?

    I have good reflexes
    My bodily awareness is good
    I should never be allowed to touch anything of value, or of no value. Ever.
  6. Mom is calling. What do you do?

    Pick it up! She had the time to raise me, I can talk to her for a few minutes... or an hour
    Everyone knows it is impossible to get in touch with me so I always miss her calls.
    groan and begrudgingly answer
  7. Now dad's calling

    Pick it up! I love our quality convos
    ... dad calls people?
    Answer because it's probably something important
  8. What are your sleeping patterns like?

    I'm nocturnal.
    I go long periods on minimal sleep and then crash
    Early to bed, early to rise, you know the rest
  9. What is your greatest accomplishment?

    I like to hope I haven't reached it yet
    I *know* I haven't reached it yet: I'm going places, people! The sky's the limit!
    there are just too many to choose from, I'll get back to you
  10. mom threw out something from your childhood. How do you react?

    it was just taking up space, you've been meaning to throw it out
    you get very upset and cry
    you will miss it but aren't too sad that it's gone
  11. When did you peak?

    Haven't even gotten there yet! I'm on a rollercoaster that only goes up!
    High school
    let's hope I make it long enough to reach my peak
  12. It's the day before thanksgiving, what are you doing?

    Running errands with Uncle Jim
    setting The Table
    cleaning my sock drawer
  13. How do you answer the following question: where's steph?

    Do you want a beer?
    I'm right here
    No idea
  14. What is your best trait?

    I'm personable
    I'm generous
    I'm honest

Which Sonnick Child Are You?

You got: Mark [Goldie] Sonnick
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You got: Stephanie [Marta Lopez] Sonnick
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You got: Lora [big Z] Sonnick
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