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    10 Ways To Have A Good Night In

    Summer is over which can only mean one thing? Hello cosy autumn nights and more time chilling at home with our flatmates and family.

    1. Home workout

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    Follow the LSBU Academy of Sport who offer free online yoga and HIT workouts on Instagram.

    2. Learn a new skill

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    LSBU student gets free access to LinkedIn Learning, so brush up on your business, creative or digital skills.

    3. Binge watch your favourite TV show

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    There’s loads on Netflix, iPlayer and countless other on-demand TV services.

    4. Cooking

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    This is not just a survival skills, it’s a great way to:

    - save cash,

    - boost your health

    - beat stress

    5. Game on

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    Boot up the PS4 or Xbox for a bit of competitive Fortnite or FIFA, or get lost in an epic single-player game.

    6. Board game night

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    Whether you play as a quiet night in with your flatmates or online, you just can’t beat a classic board game.

    7. Virtual catch-up

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    Ok 2020 sucks. However, one of the few positives is that it’s made us all realise how easy it is to stay in touch with friends and family all over the world.

    8. Set goals

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    Again, 2020! But we’re sure there are things you want to achieve this academic year, or in your personal life, so start planning for success now.

    9. Music playlist

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    Build a study playlist of your favourite tunes to help you focus or relax.

    10. Read, watch, listen

    Books and headphones
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    Grab a good book, get lost on YouTube or download a podcast - we guarantee the time will flyby...and you might learn something too!