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    6 Workout Tips For Your UCAS Application

    With everyone talking about New Year’s resolutions – most of which centre on leading a healthier lifestyle – at London South Bank University we’ve come up with our own keep fit plan, to exercise the mind! The 15 January UCAS deadline for undergraduate study is approaching, but you still have time to apply and start your journey towards broadening your academic and future horizons. So get that spandex out, dust off your trainers and find a comfortable chair with close access to a computer. We’re going to get you to the UCAS finishing line.

    1. First of all, the warm-up

    Choose your apparatus – pen, paper and some delicious sustenance - and think! What are your interests or the subject areas you enjoyed at school? Stretch, and write these down. Then flex those fingers and start researching what type of courses fit with those interests on the web. You can search LSBU’s courses via subject areas.

    2. Time for some stretching… of the mind

    What else is important to you – location, graduate prospects, entrepreneurship, flexibility of study, accommodation? Pump your muscles, jot all these down and cross reference them against what your top courses/universities offer. You might not be able to take a jogging tour of the LSBU campus just yet, so make use of virtual tours to see the facilities.

    And don’t be afraid to look elsewhere than your friends. Everyone’s different.

    3. Find your best sitting position

    You’ve done the hard part: you’ve discovered what you want to do and where. Now it’s time to refresh and relax into your routine. Stretch those hands and arms, they’re going to get a workout. Get on the Internet and start your application at You can find guides on the UCAS system on the LSBU website. Warning: you may find yourself doing additional exercises when rooting around in cupboards for your qualifications.

    4. Burn those mental calories

    It’s time to get those brain cells working again, because this is the toughest part of the workout – the Personal Statement. Ultimately you want to answer the question: “Why do I want to study this subject at university?” Try to base your decision on a recent experience, state your skills, attributes and experience and how they are relevant to the course. Take your time over this exercise and ask someone to spot you i.e. check your statement. Book on our How to Apply Evening for advice on this and other aspects of applying for university.

    Hanging in there? We’ve only got 2 steps to go.

    5. The cool-down routine

    It’s back to exercising those fingers to complete the UCAS application, including your references, and payment if applying independently from your school or college.

    6. The finishing line!

    And that’s it, you’ve crossed the line and reached your goal, the crowd goes wild, you’re knighted by the Queen… Okay, the last part might not happen, but you have just taken an important step towards becoming what you want to be, and that deserves applause.

    Why choose LSBU?

    Not sure what to list as your UCAS options? LSBU might be the perfect uni for you. We won the Times Higher Education award for Entrepreneurial University of the Year 2016, and were named the No. 1 London Modern university for graduate prospects in the Sunday Times League Table 2017. Plus, with a ton of fun student activities on offer, not to mention the buzzing London nightlife, we know how to have a bit of a giggle too. Find out more.