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6 Things You Get From University (apart From The Piece Of Paper)

With so many employment and further education options available, the task of planning your best next steps (education, career, life) can be a little bit... daunting. We're here to say that university is definitely worth considering - aside from the degree certificate itself, there are so many added benefits to the #unilife experience. At London South Bank University, the No.1 London Modern University for graduate prospects, we know a lot about these! (And if you've got your results, but no offer yet, apply online now with LSBU through Clearing!)

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1. You’ll know ‘you’ a lot better


Maybe you’re a massive party animal with an impressive collection of traffic cone memorabilia, or perhaps you prefer to spend your evenings reading in some comfy corner of 24/7 London. Whoever you are, that’s okay, in fact it’s great, and university is the place to realise and embrace it. What better impression to give future employers, and way to live your life, than to be yourself?

2. "Responsible" is now your middle name


When you graduate, you probably won’t have published a cookbook or perfected your method for sautéing onions. What you will learn is that mum’s not there to kick you out of bed at 2pm, cook your dinner or tell you to brush your teeth. It might sound silly, but once you've got the basics of life down, you'll feel like a responsible, independant human and, soon enough, ‘cooking on a budget’ might move from “YES TWO-FOR-TUESDAYS PIZZA WITH FREE COOKIE DOUGH BITES” to “I had no idea vegetables were so cheap”. Your gut thanks you.

3. Learning new stuff becomes a FUN thing to do


Embrace your nerdy side, because employers will eventually label it as ‘intellectual enthusiasm’. Spend your lazy Sundays watching documentaries, bury yourself in a thick volume of an ancient text, or jump down the Wikipedia rabbit hole in pursuit of all knowledge. You don’t have to hide it anymore: you’re a university student. The best bit? It’ll all be stuff you're interested and passionate about. However, on the rare occasion you may feel like you’ve made the totally wrong course choice, you’re more than welcome to get in touch with our Clearing team to talk through your options!

4. FOMO (fear of missing out) will take over, and you'll start managing your time better


It’s well-documented that some rare beings exist, the ones we love to hate, who are able to turn out first-class pieces of work the night before a deadline after a spell at the pub. Note: people who do this (and do it well) are as rare as unicorns, if not more so. What you’ll benefit from is learning exactly how you work best, rather than trying to replicate their method, and this will benefit you immensely once you step into the working world of deadlines and project management. Fail to plan, plan to fail. This also, of course, applies to your social life and squeezing as much in as you can until you enter the working world!

5. The Students' Union will give your voice a platform


London South Bank University Students’ Union (LSBSU) provides a space for you to express your opinions and make a change in the world. What matters? What do we, as a society, need to talk about? What needs to change? What should you stand up for, or against? Take part in humble discussions, debate and establish your morals – most important of all, listen to voices from around the world and encourage their right to share them. It's the student's time to shine.

6. You'll try ALL the new things


You’ve probably heard it before, but employers nowadays are looking at your extracurricular life just as much as the degree you’ve graduated from. Give everything a go, from tennis and dance to student media and nursing society.

7. Visit us at & join us on campus

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