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    5 Ways To Relax On The Night Before A-Level Results Day

    It’s A-Level results day tomorrow and many of you are starting to worry about your results and getting into uni. We know what it's like - we've been there, so here are 5 of our best tips on how to relax before the big day.

    1. Pamper, pamper, pamper


    Pamper yourself! Treat yourself to your favourites. Good food, a face mask and a long hot soak in the bath. Then put your feet up and watch a couple of episodes of your latest Netflix binge. Go on, you deserve it!

    2. Hang out with the fam


    Whatever the deal, family comes first. Make sure your parents pull out all the stops. No holds barred! Spend some quality time together. Whether it’s parents or friends you consider fam, they can help you out and reassure you with support and advice.

    3. BFFs forever!


    Your friends might be waiting for their results too. You can talk through everything with them and be there for each other on the day. Go chill out together or get out and about, head to the movies or your favourite place for eats. Be silly and have fun.

    Make sure you have a friend with you on the day when you get your results.

    Don't forget BFFs forever!

    4. Get into the zone


    If you prefer some quiet time, de-stress with some yoga or meditation. Both work wonders for calming your mind and nerves. Namaste...

    5. Get a good night’s sleep


    A good night's sleep lowers stress and helps to make you feel better. Get some rest and go to bed early so that you're refreshed and ready for the big day.

    So that's it. We hope our tips have helped. Best of luck with your results!

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