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10 Things to Pack for University Moving Day

Whether you're returning to university this September or off on a brand new adventure, the staff and students of London South Bank University have pulled this handy checklist together of a few important bits to remember when packing for the big move.

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1. Clean sheets for the bed

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Make sure the first thing you unpack is bed linen. Sure, making your bed at home may have been kind of tricky - fumbling around in bedsheets is like getting lost in a cave, albeit a nice warm cave made of cotton. But you'll appreciate the personal touch when your room starts to feel a whole lot more homely, which is why bed linen was Petra's first suggestion. Plus, a clean bed equals a clean mind - and this time your mum's not around to do it for you.

2. Your (least embarassing) family photo / Via

Dan got sentimental with us and suggested packing a framed photo of your family / friends from back home - and why not? It's a warm reminder when you're feeling homesick that, no matter where you are in the world, whether it's London or elsewhere, you can always pick up the phone for a call home. Of course, make sure it's a fun photo - you need to maintain your incredibly awesome new rep - and leave space for new photos over the first few weeks of university.

3. Laptop charger

Álvaro Serrano / Via

You need them for essays, for calculations, for emails, for calendars, for games, for countless videos of adorable puppies, and, of course, for BuzzFeed. The humble laptop may well be humankind's greatest unsung hero... and all it asks for in return is a little electricity every now and then. So don't forget your charger - a lesson Rebecca learned from harsh experience.

4. A doorstop (or heavy textbook) / Via

You'll definitely want to get to know your neighbours in halls, so you may wish to prop your door open from time to time. A doorstop of some kind is a perfect touch to making it clear you're up for making friends. Swéta, who made this suggestion, used "a particularly big textbook" to do the job - fantastic innovation, but why not bring something more fit-for-purpose? (Unless it's a really boring textbook, obviously.)

5. Bathroom bits / Via

Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant: vital things, unless you want people running a mile from your foul odour. Well, perhaps you do, and you know what? That's your decision, and we respect that. But if you're one of us simple folk who care about the little things, like making friends and basic personal hygiene, then you'll take Joe's advice and remember to raid your bathroom cabinet before you journey off to university.

6. Cards and games / Via

All work and no play is no way to live your life, not even at university. Of course you'll need to study, but don't overdo it - let off some steam by relaxing and having fun. Whether you're a suave James Bond type or just like building cute little houses, Meg suggests bringing along a pack of playing cards. If aces and spades aren't quite your thing, bring another game instead. Countless friendships have been forged across the tumbling bricks of Jenga.

7. Fancy dress / Via

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a student in possession of a good party invitation, must be in want of a costume. This is why Sarah begs you: don't forget your fancy dress. Fancy dress is the oldest, most sacred form of human bonding - and even if that's not necessarily 100% accurate, in Freshers' Weeks up and down the country fancy dress has always guaranteed some laughs. From going all out with a Pikachu onesie, to putting a colander on your head and calling yourself an alien - make sure you bring something to bring out your inner... chicken, apparently.

8. An alarm clock / Via

You're all set for your first proper university day: your schedule's full of lectures, coffee breaks and parties with all those nice people you met during Freshers' Week. Your diary is bursting with promise and excitement. This day could be the beginning of the rest of your life... except you've just missed the entire thing. No one came to wake you up. You have become a slave to the bed linen tyrant of #1, incredibly warm and cosy tyrant though it is. Listen to Eli: bring an alarm clock.

9. Cheap, simple food / Via

The transition to becoming a student is often a severe shock to the system - general day-to-day costs can seriously demolish your overdraft, so save where you can: Katie suggests Super Noodles and tinned food. But try not to become too reliant on junk food. Paisley has warned us against the seeming virtues of the frozen pizza diet - don't be beguiled by all that delicious plastic cheese. Catherine points out that a slow cooker is a great way to make tons of healthy food for little cost.

10. Tea... ALL THE TEA / Via

If there's a student who made it through university without tea, we haven't heard of them, but they'll probably be remembered in the history books as a miracle of science. For the rest of us mere mortals, Holly is here to assure us that teabags are everything. Builder's tea for when you're feeling traditional, green tea for a cleanse, camomile if you fancy an indulgent pampering session, Earl Grey for... whatever Earl Grey is for. Either way, caffeine is always, always the key.

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