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    10 Places To Eat In Elephant & Castle, London

    Whether you've just started at London South Bank University or you're passing through, here are our favourite places to grab a bite to eat in the Elephant & Castle area of South London. There are even a few deals for our students during the 2016 Freshers' Week!

    1. Black Cowboy Coffee & Waffles

    Facebook: BlackCowboyCoffeCo / Via Facebook: BlackCowboyCoffeCo

    Having a bit of a rubbish day? We've found your pick-me-up. The owner of Black Cowboy Coffee & Waffles is one of the most friendly human beings you'll have the pleasure of coming across in London. Having lived in Texas, his business was born from an interest in African American Freedmen, chuck wagons, and the perfect antidote for a long trail day (or working day in London): a good, strong brew of black coffee.

    He's offering waffles on sticks, top quality coffee beans - and a discount to LSBU students. Give his Facebook page a follow and mosey on down!

    Elephant & Castle Market, SE1 6TE

    2. Elephant & Castle Pub


    If this didn't already exist, we'd have probably built it ourselves - it's way too 'pub-like' a name to pass up. After a lengthy closure, the historic Elephant & Castle Pub has returned to the local community with interior design inspiration seeping from the '60s tower block it rests under - expect patterned wallpaper, burnt orange and banquette seating.

    With a wonderful selection of wines, ciders, ales and pub grub, this is certainly not one to pass up - a proper pub with a student-friendly vibe. Open until 2am on Fridays / Saturdays and a '2-for-£15' deal on Sunday main meals.

    119 Newington Causeway, SE1 6BN

    3. The Athenian, The Artworks / Via

    The Athenian is a Greek street food restaurant, the latest to join The Artworks' busy shipping-container food yard. It was started by Efthymios and Neofytos, two Londoners born and raised in Athens and Cyprus, and The Athenian restaurant is a new adventure for the duo after some smaller street food successes.

    They're offering freshly-made souvlaki for good prices (£5.50 for a wrap!), prepared in the healthiest, most authentic way possible - it even has a secret ingredient, so you know it has to be good.

    Unit 16, Artworks, Elephant Road, SE17 1AY

    4. The Libertine Pub


    This gem, between Elephant & Castle and Borough, is a London pub that's famed for stone-baked pizzas, chilled beer and cosy vibes. There's also live music and DJs at the weekend in The Libertine Pub, so get ready to paint the town red (with excellent pasta sauce).

    Take advantage of their Monday / Wednesday student deal: 2-for-1 eat-in deal on pizza!

    125 Great Suffolk Sreet, SE1 1PQ

    5. 9 London Road


    A staff favourite at London South Bank University, 9 London Road (previously The Nest) serves a glorious variety of high quality sandwiches, salads and hot meals with some of the most accommodating staff you're ever likely to find in central London. If you feel like something lighter, treat yourself to a cup of coffee and a sticky bun (or any of the other home-baked goods on offer). They even take next-day pie-making requests, the sign of any brilliant eatery.

    There's garden space out back, and you can usually grab a main meal, snack and drink for well under £10.

    9 London Road, SE1 6JZ

    6. Leños & Carbón Restaurant


    In 2009, Leños & Carbón Restaurant opened its doors to London "with the great purpose of showcasing Latin-American food, specially Colombian gastronomy". As well as a menu that reflects an exquisite mingling of cultures, visitors are treated to a warm, friendly welcome - they're proud of their heritage, and they relish the opportunity to share it with us all!

    113 Elephant Road, SE17 1LB

    7. Terry's Cafe


    "If you're looking for a Michelin-star rated restaurant, you're in the wrong place." We admire the honesty and humour of Terry's Cafe, but if you're after a traditional English cafe serving honest, unpretentious, good-value food combined with friendly service, then look no further. They use only locally-sourced produce (Borough and Smithfield Markets), have achieved TripAdvisor's 5-star rating and Certificate of Excellence for two years running, bake their own pastries and serve London's finest Monmouth Coffee. Ooft.

    158 Great Suffolk Street, SE1 1PE

    8. Sidecar Coffee Bar, Hotel Elephant


    Sidecar started its life as an Italian coffee machine mounted on a Russian motorbike, something you'll still see zipping around town and at a variety of local events. At this slightly more grounded location at Hotel Elephant - a fantastic creative space to have a nose around - Sidecar serves speciality coffee, artisan pastries and savoury favourites, followed later in the year with tasty lunches and weekend brunch.

    5 Spare Street, SE17 3EP

    9. Mamuśka!


    Everyone loves Polish food - some people just don’t know it yet. Mamuśka! is not only a delicious local option for food, it's also what you call your mother-in-law in Poland - "as long as she feeds you well and you love her for it".

    No matter what your roots are, it's important when living in London to experience and savour as many cultures as possible - and not just the 'takeaway pizza culture' of your living room. They have a £5 lunch deal, Monday - Friday between 12pm and 4pm, where you can choose between 6 dishes (includes a drink).

    16 Elephant and Castle, SE1 6TH

    10. Love Fresh Vietnamese, The Artworks


    Our second option from The Artworks shipping container complex is Love Fresh Vietnamese, where you'll find no artificial ingredients, MSG or flavourings because "GREAT FOOD NEEDS NO HELP" - there's also something for those of us who need dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan fixes.

    The team want to bring to others what they "grew up eating as young children", so Love Fresh Vietnamese is about simple traditional Vietnamese food. Also, their food waste goes to feed a group of friendly chickens in Peckham, who kindly donate their lovely eggs when possible.

    Unit 7, Artworks, Elephant Road, SE17 1AY

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    Visit our Student Life page for more info, have fun exploring our places to grab a bite in Elephant & Castle and tweet / comment on Facebook if you find any others!