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Here's What The Elves Of Middle-Earth Look Like Now

Because hot damn.

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4. Haldir

New Line Cinemas / Via

Initially the guardian of Lothlórien, Haldir later roadtripped to Rohan to aid in the filming of the Battle of Helm's Deep. He had to fake a death for dramatic purposes, but is spending his free time eating pizza and ambrosia in the Undying Lands.


5. Elrond

New Line Cinemas / Via

Lord Elrond of Rivendell was always a step below the other Elves, looks-wise. Still, for someone who was already over 6,000 years old when Frodo destroyed the Ring, he's looking pretty fine.

6. Arwen

New Line Cinemas / Via

Arwen Undómiel, the daughter of Lord Elrond, was beautiful enough to catch the attention of the future King of Gondor. Their marriage was strong and pure, and she gave up her Elven immortality to be with him. So now she's dead.

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