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    15 Reasons Why Lake Placid, NY Is The Ultimate Winter Wonderland

    Winter or the holidays anywhere else? Puh-lease.

    1. Santa lives right down the road.

    2. Storytime and hot chocolate come with the territory.

    3. And there is ALWAYS time for hot chocolate here.

    4. We REALLY like to play in the snow.

    5. We. Really. Like. Snow.

    6. Did we mention we like snow?

    7. Santa switches things up when getting from point A to point B.

    8. We like to stay fit during the holidays.

    9. And we definitely take pride in our Winter Olympic heritage...

    10. Window shopping has never been so awesome.

    11. Yule Log Hunts are kind of our thing.

    12. Where else can THIS happen?

    13. THIS.

    14. AND THIS.


    But we just need to clear something up...

    This post was sponsored by the Lake Placid Holiday Village Stroll, happening December 12 - 14 in the greatest winter wonderland on Earth. Join us! Find out more at