14 Ways To Make Running Suck Less

Because you’re sick of running like a wounded gazelle.

1. Get a running app.

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They track your pace and distance and are great at intimidating you into running. What do you mean yesterday I thought it was a good idea to be alerted to run at 8 a.m.?

2. Set a goal.

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Pizza. The goal is always pizza.

3. Walk first.

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Tell yourself that you’re just going for a walk. Once you’re out there, your silly brain will probably be tricked into running. If not, you still got a walk in!

4. Stretch at the right time.

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Stretch after a few minutes of walking/jogging and at the end of your run. Never stretch cold muscles!

5. Channel your inner Vader.

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This is not the time for yogic breathing. In and out through the mouth, even if you think you sound like an asthmatic werewolf.

6. Visualize.

You are a majestic cheetah racing through the forest. Or this pretty boy is running in front of you. Speed up!

7. Pick the right music.

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Making a playlist is a pain, but you don’t want Death Cab For Cutie coming on during your uphill push. 150-180 BPM is ideal.

8. Join the resistance.

Running uphill will make you work harder. Plus, it’s good for your butt, which is obviously what you’re in this for.

9. Talk it out.

Run at a pace comfortable enough to hold a conversation.

10. Beat a stitch.

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Slow your breath and exhale when the opposite foot of the cramp hits the ground.

11. Run against traffic.

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Yes, people will hate you, but your life is more important than their inconvenience.

12. Make it a game.

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Use apps like Zombies! Run, Missile Wars or Charity Miles to motivate you to get out there.

13. Wind down.

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Walk for a few minutes to cool down, then stretch. To reduce cramping, lay with your back on the floor and legs on the wall for one minute to let the blood drain out of your legs.


What’s the point of submitting yourself to a daily torture session if you aren’t having a good time?

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