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Think You Don’t Spend Any Money On Fast Food? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

No, but seriously. You do.

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Just a teenager flipping burgers and fry-o-lating to pick up some extra cash for date night and video games, maybe a little gas money (like a gallon or two). That’s what the big fast food chains want you to believe. It’s also:


We’re not talking teenagers looking for a little pocket money. We’re talking hardworking adults with kids to feed.

But wait. It gets EVEN MORE AWESOME. How? Your average fast food worker makes about $8.94 an hour and gets only 24 hours of work per week (and lots get less of both). Let’s do the math.

So, you probably won’t be too shocked at the recent reports showing that over half of all fast food families are forced to rely on social safety net programs (like food stamps) because they don’t get paid enough to scrape by. But still.


And that’s not even the most messed up part. The fast food companies refuse to raise wages -- they say they just can’t afford it.

Aw, poor wittle multinational megacorporations! :(

Since they won’t pay their workers enough to live on, taxpayers fork over $7 BILLION DOLLARS a year so that folks who work hard for a living can put food on the table. Can see a doctor. Can heat their home.


But wait there’s more!

Yum! Brands, the company that owns Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and KFC (that’s why you see those weird half Taco Bell/Pizza Huts -- doesn’t explain the Doritos Locos Tacos, though. Not sure anything can explain that) made $1.6 BILLION last year and took advantage of $648 million in taxpayer funds so their employees could make ends meet. Yum!? More like yuck.

The list goes on and on. / Via Washington Post

Burger King, Wendy’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Dairy Queen, Little Caesar’s, Sonic and Domino’s round out the top 10 largest fast food chains. Together, the top 10 made $7.4 BILLION in profits last year, paid their CEOs $53 million, and benefited from $3.8 BILLION of US taxpayers’ money (here's a summary of the reports) so that they could keep on paying their workers crap.

Yep. You could pay for a lot of schools with that kind of cash. So, how can we end this #FastFoodSwindle?

First, share this and make sure that everyone you know (on Facebook and Twitter anyway) knows about the outrageous hidden costs of fast food. Go ahead, say it.

So, do you want to do something about it?

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