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12 Holiday Shirts That Will Bring Your Family Together This Summer

Nothing screams Aussie holidays like a Lowes Hawaiian shirt.

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An Aussie summer holiday is like no other — no matter where or how you spend it. But, there's one unwritten rule that we all end up following — someone always rocks up in a Lowes shirt.

Man with white hair and beard wearing a colourful shirt and holding a dog with the same shirt
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Read on to find out what shirt is going to be perfect for your loved ones this summer.

1. This startling blue number that 100% screams "surf baby" — perfect for your sibling who is spending their summer entirely at the closest beach.

Two people both wearing the same Lowes' shirt decorated with blue koalas, pineapples with sunglasses, waves and palm trees

Aussies can never get enough of the beach and there's always one member of the family who is constantly covered in sand and salt. This shirt is perfect to throw on over their cossies, as well as helping to protect them from that Aussie sunshine. Plus, you can always throw in the matching shorts to help make their summer even more relaxing.

2. This fun matching set that your cousin will wear to death on any upcoming trips.

Man wearing a matching tie-dye shirt and shorts that are dyed in a spiralling pattern

No matter where they're headed to in Oz — a long weekend away, a trip to the coast or just a staycation — you know that they'll find the perfect place to wear this matching shirt and shorts. These shorts will be especially great for your younger cousins!

3. Or pair the same shorts with this multi-coloured jumper that your little niece will be more than happy to take for a spin.

Instagram: @combogirl / Via

Get ready for this year's kids' show — it's definitely more colourful.

4. This bright and festive shirt and shorts combo that you know your dad will rock throughout BBQ duties.

Man and woman pose in matching red Lowes' shirts with hibiscus flowers and parrots

Cooking in the Aussie summer means at some point or another, your dad is going to dust off the BBQ and clickety-clack those tongs. This shirt will complete the ~lewk~ and have him happily flipping those snags.

5. This fun and happy tie-dye shirt and short that you can gift to your nephew and remind him of the cool times in the '90s.

Kid leaning against a wall showing off a matching shirt and shorts pastel tie dye number

Ahhh...holidays. The period of time when everyone comes together and talks about the "good 'ol days". Let your nephew in on the fun and let them know about how the '90s are back baby.

6. This bright and beautiful number that screams "sunshine" — great for your parents to wear together.

Bright shirt showing waves and the sun with bright yellow hibiscus flowers

Couples in matching clothing is just cute, okay? Your mumma bear will love the colour and your dad will love how comfy he is. Besides, who can say no to those flower shorts?

7. This oh-so-cute baby romper for the little tacker in the family, so everyone can match in their holiday shirts this year.

Baby in a light blue onesie with palm trees and buttons down the centre

You know that bub is definitely going to be comfy and crawling all over the place in style with this romper. Can anyone say, "Best holiday ever!"?

8. Or, if they're a little bit older, this gorgeous and sunny shirt that'll make any toddler happy.

Toddler in a collared shirt that depicts a sunset against palm tree silhouettes

Getting your little person a shirt like this for all the summer family gatherings means that they'll be the highlight of each and every party. Cue the "Awwwwws" immediately.

9. This loud shirt full of personality that will be perfect for your sibling in-law to wear to a big family lunch.

Man and woman in matching shirts with a dark background, palm fronds, flowers and beer

They'll fit right in with the family in this colourful Lowes shirt and it'll also double up as a conversation starter! Plus, they can kick things up a notch and get the matching shorts too!

10. This racy pink shirt that will fit your pupperino like a glove, because we all know the truth — your dog is definitely part of the family.

Cute little dog wearing a collared Lowes' shirt

You don't want to leave them out this family holiday, so make sure they're cool and comfortable in this gorgeous little shirt.

11. This paradise-themed shirt that your uncle will wear around the house with pride.

Older man wearing a Hawaiian shirt depicting a small boat at sea and little oases

Beer in hand, thongs on foot and this shirt on their back — it'll make your fun uncle the spokesperson for Aussie summer.

12. And finally, this fun, little number just for you — because you know that it's not an Aussie summer without a Lowes shirt or short.

Man and woman wearing a dark shirt with parrots in various holiday scenarios

Wear it in the morning, dress it up for the night — wherever you go this summer, your Lowes shirt will go with you.

Whatever it is you and your family has planned for summer, there's a Lowes shirt for every occasion.

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