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10 Ways We Know The Future Is Already Here

Tomorrow is today. And it all starts in the home with Iris, the home management system available at Lowe's that lets you check in with your house no matter where you are.

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1. You can light up the night sky with your bike spokes:

MonkeyLectric / Via

2. You can make 3D drawings with a pen:

3Doodler / Via

3. You can wear your luggage on airplanes:

Jaktogo / Via

4. Longboards are motorized and can go uphill:

Boosted Boards / Via

5. Kids' blocks? Yeah, even those are interactive:

Sifteo / Via

6. You can secure your phone with your fingerprint:

Apple / Via

7. Houseplants can tell you when they need attention:

Click & Grow / Via

8. You can turn your phone into an awesome little robot:

Romotive / Via

9. A water bottle can record your drinking habits and keep you hydrated:

BluFit / Via

10. And you can even monitor your dog's activity right from your phone:

FitBark / Via

Inspired by Iris, the home management system available at Lowe’s:

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