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Super-Festive Decor Ideas From Lowe’s To Get You In The Holiday Spirit

Show your home your appreciation by gifting it these festive and fun holiday decor items from Lowe's.

1. Give your home an instant dose of holiday spirit with this indoor garland with color-changing lights.

2. Add a little whimsy to your home's yard decor with this 26-inch snowy owl.

3. Gift your home an inflatable Santa to keep your holidays feeling big. Actually, huge.

4. This Darling Dancing-Santa Corgi that will have you boogying into the New Year.

5. Add a pop of holiday humor to your home with this festive octopus pillow cover.

6. Add a tiny splash of glam to your decor with this gold deer decoration.

7. Start a new holiday tradition with this adorable advent calendar.

8. Give your patio or stoop the gift of light with this 60-inch lamp post.

9. Give your home a touch of cheer with this reindeer greeter.

10. Make any guest feel welcome with this battery-operated Christmas wreath.

11. Liven up any room with this 13-inch standing penguin.

12. This vintage-style holiday sign is sure to make any room in your home more festive.

13. Add some sparkle with these LED votive candles.

Give yourself even more reason to celebrate your home this season by shopping all of the holiday decor from Lowe's.

All images courtesy of Lowe's.