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11 Living Rooms That You'll Want To Live In And Never Leave

The living room should be the most lived-in room in your home, so it might be time for an update! Let Lowe's help you make your dream living room a reality.

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2. This chic living room that is as peaceful as it is pretty:

Tip: To build a tranquil space conducive to relaxing, start with soft-colored walls, and add light wood furniture and soft, light-colored fabrics.

3. This eclectic living room in cheerful pastels:

Tip: For unique wall decor, frame DIY art in a mix of inexpensive frames, and stagger the frames above your sofa.

4. This compact living room with a pop of green:


Tip: Decorate a smaller room with whites and grays for an airy feel, and add plants for an added feeling or spaciousness.

5. This bold living room with a lot of unique character:

Tip: To make your living room truly one of a kind, add surprising elements like animal prints and jewel-toned upholstery.

6. This traditional living room with an eye-catching accent wall:


Tip: Spice up a plain room with a strong-colored wall for an easy and low-cost way to customize your space.

7. This nautical and neutral living room that brings the vacation feeling home:

Tip: Add primary-colored accents to neutral furniture and walls for a classic feel.

9. This classic and elegant living room with modern colors:

Tip: Make a traditional room a little less traditional by painting the ceiling a fun color instead of the standard white.

10. This funky and unusual living room that mixes textures and patterns:


Tip: Get creative with textures by mixing leathers, patterns, and fabrics. (And in this case, an exposed brick wall!)

11. This bright and sunny living room with a killer fireplace:

Tip: Transform a dated-looking fireplace easily with some porcelain tiles and a new door for a more modern and clean look.

Whatever kind of living room you'd love to live in, Lowe's can help you get started on making your plan a reality.

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