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10 Lowe’s Gifts That Will Make Your Home Even Smarter

Shop smarter this holiday season, at Lowe's.

1. An Amazon Fire Stick 4K With A Voice Remote, Because Who Doesn't Love Having Casual Conversations With Their Remote?

2. A Smart Lighting Kit To Give Your Home A Colorful Glow Up.

3. An Anova Precision Cooker Pro, So You Can Actually Become A Top Chef.

4. A Ring Battery–Powered Smart Camera, Perfect For Having Eyes All Over The House.

5. A Google Nest Thermostat, To Keep You Permanently Cozy All Hours Of The Day.

6. An HD Ring Video Doorbell, So You Can See When Santa Comes A-Knockin'.

7. A Shark Robot Vacuum, Because Who Better To Vacuum Than This Smart Little Fella'?

8. A Google Nest Audio Smart Speaker, Because It's Nice To Have Someon—thing, Something To Talk To.

9. An Echo Show 5, To Keep Your Day Organized As Heck.

10. An Electronic, Touchscreen Deadbolt, For Those Of Us Who Can Never Keep Track — Wait A Minute, Where's The Keys?

Ready to start shopping? Check out Lowe's Gift Zone for thousands of gifts all under one roof!

All images via Lowe's.