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15 Dogs Who Definitely Aren't Guard Dogs

"Beware of Dog" does not apply to these canines. But with Iris, the home management system available at Lowe's, you'll always have a trusted guard.

1. Unicorn pug will only stop people from frowning:

2. DJ Dachshund is too busy spinning mad beats:

3. This dog only cares about naps:

4. This pug can't even look threatening in a Wampa costume:

5. This dog is too busy barking up new business leads:

6. If balls attack your house, then this dog has you covered:

7. This pug is an amazing lookout (but that's about it):

8. This pup doesn't even stand a chance against blackbirds:

9. This guy's too preoccupied with floor kibbles:

10. This pup found his Zen place, and isn't leaving anytime soon:

11. In the face of a terrifying jack-in-the-box, this pug can't stay strong:

12. This rottweiler is friendly with all living creatures:

13. This corgi will only get aggressive if you try and take her swing:

14. This King Koopa can't even prevent Mario from wreaking havoc:

15. This dog fears slow-moving tortoises:

Inspired by Iris, the home management system available at Lowe’s:

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