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The Definitive Ranking Of Iconic Sandwiches By Taste

If you've ever eaten a sandwich, it's your duty to have an opinion. Brought to you by breads from Arnold, Brownberry, and Oroweat.

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Why it deserves this spot: There's nothing wrong with this sandwich. It's what Mom put in your school lunch. It's never not a good choice. And it's definitely one thousand times superior to a turkey sandwich. Ham > Turkey.


Why it deserves this spot: Tuna salad is a mayo-y matrix of flavorful red onion and that surprising celery crunch. It's a comfort food that's also weirdly refreshing, in a good way. And best of all, there are more varieties of tuna salad than there are fish in the sea. There's truly something for everyone.


Why it deserves this spot: Muffuletta is living proof that all Italian ingredients taste good together. Mozzarella, provolone, a pork trifecta of mortadella, salami, and ham, all between zesty layers of olive tapenade. Muffuletta mercy, you make me so thirsty.


Why it deserves this spot: The sloppy joe is the spoon-filler of lunch ladies everywhere. The Joe's saucy innards are a serious hunger helper, while the delicate white roll is almost too precious for its meaty cargo. There's something extra special about a sandwich that requires a fork to clean up the good stuff that's left behind on the plate.


Why it deserves this spot: This hearty and healthy sandwich is the marvelous Mediterranean twist on tuna salad made with yogurt garlic. After all, tzatziki is mayo's more interesting cousin. Eating healthy = feeling good. And this sandwich has a taste you can feel good about.


Why it deserves this spot: A toasty meatball sub was basically invented so you could eat huge melty meat chunks with your bare hands without looking like a caveman. And that's fine. That's really totally fine and good.


Why it deserves this spot: The French dip is a relatively boring toasted roast beef sandwich that took a delicious flavor bath in succulent brown gravy sauce. That really brings this hand-slammer to 11. You don't like the gravy? Au jus kidding me right now?!


Why it deserves this spot: Stacked extra tall with chicken breast, bacon, and an extra slice of toasted bread, there's nothing more American than the club sandwich. The balance of mayo tang, lettuce crunch, and bacon fullness leaves almost nothing to be desired...except for a mouth-sized bite!


Why it deserves this spot: This sandwich tastes like the swing set at the park. It tastes like a floor made of lava. It tastes like after-school naps and field trips and tag. This sandwich is your childhood, and it's still delicious into adulthood, and it deserves respect. Peanut butter jelly time!


Why it deserves this spot: Because adding tangy pickles to seductive layers of roast pork, ham, melted provolone cheese, and yellow mustard is some sort of awesome flavor alchemy that makes us want to get up and dance.


Why it deserves this spot: Here's the thing about the cheesesteak — the world is filled with just OK cheesesteaks. But the precise moment a good, authentic cheesesteak of steak, onions, and Cheese Whiz hits your tongue, you will know why this sandwich has migrated across the planet like an unstoppable rebel force of flavor.


Why it deserves this spot: Elvis is rumored to have enjoyed eating 20–30 of these guys in one sitting. That sounds insane, only until you taste the warm combo of bacon, banana, and peanut butter. At that point, you'll wonder why you've ever consumed anything else.


Why it deserves this spot: From the outside, the BLT is a very unassuming sandwich. It looks like something you throw together for unexpected guests when the fridge is empty and it's pouring rain outside. But do not be fooled; songs have been written about this sandwich. It's crunchy, it's satisfying, and it's even — somehow — refreshing. It deserves the praise.


Why it deserves this spot: All the amazing qualities of the BLT apply to this new spin on the classic. But when you add the avocado, something magical happens. Suddenly, both pieces of toasted bread have a moistener and the cured bacon is balanced by a fattening richness. It's like when a Pokémon evolves. This is still the same creature you know and love, but now it is stronger.


Why it deserves this spot: There is simply no better sweet sandwich. It's s'mores on bread for crying out loud. You don't need a campfire, you don't need "Kumbaya"; you need a toaster, a heavenly yin and yang of sweet spreads, and the literal 15 seconds of time it will take you to devour this chocolatey, gooey, sweet, and delicious fistful of flavor.


Why it deserves this spot: When it comes to big bad meat mountains that take two hands to hoist to the mouth, the reuben reigns king. Layer upon layer of pastrami, pickled kraut, melted cheese, and the savory sauce known as Russian dressing — all slammed between two pieces of enigmatic rye bread. Put the cuffs on and bring me to flavor jail. I'm guilty.


Why it deserves this spot: Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more oozing with a flavorful magma of cheese. The grilled cheese is America's pastime. Everyone makes it a different way, and yet somehow every grilled cheese is amazing. Philosophers speak on the ideal of beauty. We have an ideal of beauty, and it's toasted, buttery, and filled with perfectly melted cheese. Amen.

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