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14 Breakfast Sandwiches You'll Want To Make Up When You Wake Up

You snooze, you truly lose. For more enticing early-morning eats, check out the entries in America's Better Sandwich™ contest. Brought to you by breads from Arnold, Brownberry, and Oroweat.

1. This egg-in-a-hole avocado breakfast sandwich has it all, and more.

2. This cranberry-bacon grilled cheese wants you to have a very good morning.

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3. The breakfast patty melt will transport you to the most greasy spoon diner of your dreams.

4. This browned butter-fried Nutella-and-banana croissant 'wich will make you feel things.

5. This grilled cheese incorporates bacon and hard-boiled eggs, making it breakfast approved.

6. This Cubano breakfast sandwich with a messy egg will run all the way to your heart.

7. This perfect egg sandwich is simple and simply amazing thanks to a hint of strawberry jam to make the bacon pop.

8. Say it all together: almond butter quesadillas with bananas and pomegranate seeds on whole wheat tortillas. NOM.

9. This cinnamon-swirl loaded breakfast sandwich offers an entire diner breakfast between two sweet slices of bread.

10. Simple is delicious. Grab this grilled PB&B panini when you need a hearty breakfast on the go.

11. This huevos rancheros sandwich brings avocado, egg, and refried beans into a delicious tower of flavor.

12. The waffle iron is God's gift to breakfast sammies. Get grilling with this waffle iron Croque Madame.

13. Tater tots and chorizo make this grilled cheese worth getting out of bed for.

14. Last but not least: This apple-pie panini is a sweet way to start your day. Yum.

Hungry? Inspired? Good! Check out the entries in America's Better Sandwich™ contest.

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