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"Acting is acting and it truly does not matter what language you're using to convey it. You love similarly in every culture, you hate similarly in every culture. Laughter is laughter regardless of language. Feelings are universal".- Carlos Antonio Leon

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Action films want to be appreciated by action film fans. Earning the approval of hard core fans is a must for films to endure within their genre. It is also the most discerning and difficult audience to win over since the expectations are set really high. While action films (alongside with horror and sci-fi) are not precisely the darlings of events like the Oscars or even major film festivals like Cannes or Toronto, they do have a huge following to please which generate millions of dollars a year hence making action, horror, and Sci-fi the most profitable genres in the industry. Choosing the right film festival for your genre is a must. And when it comes to the action genre there is no other place but the "Action On Film Film Festival" (AOFFF) which is now celebrating it's 13th edition in Las Vegas.

Directed by Theresa and Del Weston, the AOFFF showcases and awards the very best from the action genre not only within the US but also from abroad while honoring iconic figures from the industry such as Bill Duke ( Predator), Michael Paré ( Streets of Fire), John Savage (The Deer Hunter) among others.

The black tie event was held at The Palms resort and casino the very same night Mayweather and Mcgregor were facing each other at the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas. Although many thought it would be hard to compete in the same city with an event of world-wide attention, the AOFFF gala held its own with a full house of members from the entertainment industry. This year The Best Foreign Movie award went to "The 86" ( Los Ochoseis) from Venezuela. Actor and producer Carlos Antonio León received the award jokingly about the strenuous circumstances they shot the film under:

"It was so stressful at some point my line producer came and said 'I hope this freaking movie wins something someday!!'" -- well, it did. Other winners include "Dark Meridian" (Action film of the year), legendary actor Franco Nero (Best Supporting Actor for "the Neighborhood"), William Devital won Best Director for "Red Dog," and William Duke won Best Picture (overall) for "Created Equal" among others. To see the complete list of winners and nominees please visit

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