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Why The Millennials Are Fighting Back But Lack Guidance

A call for equality for all humans.

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We have all heard it before right? That's just the way it is. The Millennials are the most diverse group of people EVER. This diversity has done great things for our country. We no longer see things in black and white, so to speak. We now have family members who are gay, bi or trans. We now work in a society where there are people from all different walks of life. The fact that we have family and friends in a minority changes the way we think. We begin to notice the stares and glares, we begin to notice the hate speech. Once we begin to notice these these things and the inequalities, we begin to think of ways that things should be different and how we can change it.

We grew up on Myspace, Facebook and Twitter. People laugh and mock our generation and until this election, I was right along side everyone else. I hated that I was huddled into a group that the media had made look illogical and weak. I argued with friends and family about my military life and what had happened to friends while they were deployed. I argued and argued that Muslims did not belong here, after the things I heard and the way the media portrayed everything. I woke up the day after the election, and saw sheer panic and people who were scared for their lives. I saw people attacking minorities, and I saw people attacking and destroying cities. That morning, I decided I would see why everyone was afraid, rather than to judge them as I had previously. I dug deep and asked myself a couple questions. Why am I able to love or agree with one thing, but not the other? Why am I able to blindly accept Christianity, but not Islam? It was simple, I had never bothered seeing past my own opinion. I had never bothered to read the Quran. I had never attempted to empathize or understand.

A lot of complaining about our generation has been swirling around lately. We are attacked because we believe that all people are created equal. We're attacked for not going with the flow, like our fathers and mothers before us. Our parents worked themselves to death for minimal pay and for what? They are still working when they are supposed to be retiring and barely making ends meet. Our education was an edited, watered down version of American History and people preaching that emotions were a weakness. We now realize that emotions and caring for another human life is not weakness, it is strength. This new way of thinking, this revolutionary idea, that all men are equal was lost after our founding fathers ceased to exist. They even gave us hints and clues about what to look for and do if the Government became tyrannical. We have watched while growing up and we noticed the trends. The system is broke and we intend to fix it!

With all the change and negativity in the air, where do we go from here? We must stick to our convictions, but educate ourselves better. You can not prove a point if you sound lost when asked a question. Instead assuming that everything you read is truth, do your research. Make sure that your beliefs are not contradicting each other. Too many times, I have heard someone defend one person because they are close, but crucify someone else that has done the same thing because they didn't know that person. The biggest thing to come out of all of this is the support the community has given. The outpouring of love and empathy has been amazing. We need to ensure that the causes we are fighting for are our own, and that we are not misled. Continue to stand against injustice and to love your neighbors. Remember, you are a light in this world, a beacon of hope, we can change things but it's going to take time. Members of our generation are already in office, trying to change things and more are yet to come. We have a great opportunity here and we must not waste it. I understand that with the way things are currently that it is hard to see any light but it's there.

The reason I believe we lack guidance, (we are all guilty of it) we are too easily manipulated, someone disagrees with us and we defend it like our life depends on it. It's not our fault, we grew up watching these things, but like everything else we are learning and adapting. We have come a very long way from our predecessors, but we have a long way to go. We have got to learn to love our enemies, like the revolutionaries before us. Violence only causes more violence, take to the roads in peaceful protest. We have seen that the old ways do not work, meaning you can not burn a city to the ground. When we do this, we stoop to the level of those we are fighting against. Love is the reason we stood up to fight. Show the world that we are nothing like those that represented us in this election. Do what you must to survive but violence should always be a last resort. We must purge ourselves of those nasty little habits that were passed down to us. Our children our looking up to us as examples, let's set an example that changes the world. It is our darkest hour and we must shine brighter than ever. I am proud of my Generation, we all should be.

In closing, It is with love and great admiration of my peers that I write this. Please do not take anything I say as an attack, I speak from the heart and that is the only way I choose to do it. Do not scold or berate me if I am wrong or offensive. Talk to me as if I am another human being, I will listen and accept. I am always open to constructive criticism and suggestions.

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