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Why Millennials Should Be Running For Office

We are the future and the future starts now.

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WE the PEOPLE, have made our voices heard across the world. While some still hold onto old laws and beliefs, our generation stands by our belief that ALL humans are equal. The current Government is making a desperate attempt to hold onto expired ideals. Laws will be passed soon that endanger our ways of life. We can't prevent this, but we can protect those that we love by running and winning these elections to overturn laws that go against human rights.. We have all the support in the world, we have each other. Protesting only goes so far and most of the time things get too violent. We are a new breed of humans, we have evolved. We are smarter, faster, stronger and more, our potential is limitless. Our generation, has brought about a change of extraordinary proportions which has shaken previous generations to their core. Its inconceivable that one person should be held as an equal to another.

Those in our generation are ideal candidates for office simply because we see things in such a brand new light. We have broken barriers, we see past skin color and religion. With these newfound ideals it is now possible to change everything. We are kind, compassionate and are able to love beyond the boundaries that were put into place so long ago. We must continue to stand for our brothers and sisters, we are no longer just friends or acquaintances, we are a family now. We are a family with one voice and one mission, to ensure that every person in our country is treated fairly and they are afforded the same opportunities as all of us. The times of people being oppressed is over and it is time for us to create change.

By running for office and winning, we have opportunities to make our voices heard by implementing these changes. We show the world what love, kindness, compassion and respect can get you, that the old ways are obsolete. We don't have to riot and overthrow our government we just need to get inside and make some repairs. We will face resistance to these changes that we will implement. So many are still wired to think that people don't deserve certain things because of certain reasons. We on the other hand, move forward with the belief that every person is equal to those next to them. This is an amazing time for all of us and I know that times are dark but just bare with me.

We bring a light to this world that is accompanied by HOPE. The community now knows that we stand with the no matter. This hope, can give us the momentum we need to fix this broken down system. Let us stand together as the voice of the people. Let us take back the people's government one position at a time and make the changes that our country so desperately needs.

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