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10 Resources That Will Make Moving Stress-Free

Whether you haven’t moved in decades or do it every two years, the process of packing up your stuff, transporting it, and unpacking never seems to get any easier. Although you may learn some lessons from each move, it’s still an activity most people dread. That’s because it’s stressful deciding what to take, how to pack it, what it will cost, and how everything will make it safely to your new place. Moving is so nerve-racking that it has surpassed even divorce or a new job on the list of the most stressful activities in a person’s life. The good news is that more help has arrived to take the headaches out of moving. Along with their products and services, companies are delivering sound advice, actionable tips, and information that improve the overall experience for their customers. Check out these 10 moving resources that facilitate the moving process and minimize or even eliminate stress:

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1. Zillow

The first step in moving is finding someplace to move to. When you use this online real estate marketplace to find your new home, you’ll be able to research what’s available in your price range, see pictures in advance, and check out the neighborhood. This cuts down on time spent driving around with a Realtor, which is especially helpful when you live far away from your new city. Your saved Zillow searches also alert you to new homes that have hit the market so you can get there ahead of the crowd and reduce the chances of losing out on the house of your dreams.

2. Amazon Home Services

Amazon Home Services can help you pack, clean up your old place, and set up your new home. Its service professionals will even install a home theater or smart home system. Amazon vets all the home professionals listed on its site via background checks and insurance and license verification, signing up only those with a demonstrated record of service quality. In addition, the site ensures transparent pricing and offers a “Happiness Guarantee.” If issues arise, Amazon will work with the professional to correct the service, get you a refund, or help you file a claim against the service provider’s insurance.

3. Moved

Moved is a free moving concierge service. When you sign up and answer some brief questions, the site matches you with a personal assistant who can handle all those parts of the move that create the biggest headaches. These include collecting multiple moving quotes to ensure you get the best price and handling moving logistics like making elevator reservations or finding someone who can move your pool table. A Moved personal assistant can also order supplies, help you sell unwanted items, and update your address.

4. Sortly

Sortly enables you to take a visual inventory of all of your things so you can track them as you move. Knowing exactly where everything is will give you peace of mind and speed the unpacking process. When you know precisely where those power cords are, you can get your home office set up faster. And that box of toys will help entertain and comfort the kids while you carry on with settling in. The mobile inventory also allows you to make changes, create a list of things to sell, and add specific notes so you know where to put things in your new home.

5. Marketplace Homes

It’s a worry so widespread it has its own patron saint: What if my house doesn’t sell? Marketplace Homes alleviates the pressure of getting out of your current home and into your new one by operating as a real estate brokerage. You can confidently buy a new home with a guaranteed solution for the old home, whether that is selling or renting it. If you go the rental route, Marketplace Homes has a property management service that handles rent collection, tenant placement, and remodeling. When you hire the service, you get your own team of experts who take care of digital marketing, leasing and listing, negotiation, and property management.

6. Blue Apron

Blue Apron understands that not everyone wants to get pizza every night or has the budget to eat out during a move. However, it’s difficult to find time to do a huge grocery shopping run or clear space for all the ingredients. Blue Apron’s meal prep service allows you to enjoy home-cooked meals while you are still unpacking. Having those comfort foods or healthy choices helps add normalcy to the crazy moving process. The fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes mean good food even if it has to be served on paper plates!

7. United Van Lines

United Van Lines is one of the best-known service-oriented moving companies. It can help you move to any state (except Hawaii) and handle all household sizes. United is also known for having personable agents who work with you to get the most accurate moving quote. Plus, the company boasts one of the best safety records in the moving industry. Knowing that all your belongings will arrive in one piece and be handled with care alleviates a lot of stress and worry.

8. U-Haul

If you are moving across town or within a state, you may be taking the DIY approach to moving. However, you can still make it as convenient as possible even if you are the one doing the heavy lifting. U-Haul is a well-known and trusted resource that has you covered with reasonable rates, a variety of truck and trailer sizes, and packaging supplies. Booking online allows you to consider different options and get multiple quotes to find the solution that best fits your move and budget.

9. HomeAdvisor

HomeAdvisor is recognized as a great source for home service professionals who can help with any repair, construction, remodeling, or cleaning needs. Furthermore, the online network offers an extensive Resource Center that includes an entire section devoted to moving. Here, you’ll find a library with articles on such moving-related topics as why to use a box recycling and pick-up service. Whether you need tips for getting to your new home as easily as possible or fixing it up when you get there, HomeAdvisor can help.

10. Move For Hunger

If you’re moving and decide not to take your food with you, Move For Hunger will help you do something good with it. Rather than throwing it away, you can give nonperishable food to this nonprofit, which will then deliver it to families in need. All you do is set the food aside, and Move For Hunger does the rest. This includes coming to your home, packing up the food, and delivering it to a local food bank or food pantry organization.

While moving will probably never be called a breeze, these 10 resources can at least keep the wind at your back.

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