What You Can Learn From How Streaming Is Affecting The Music Industry

Digital downloads bumped off physical CDs, and it looks like streaming is gearing to do the same to downloads. Should the music industry put all its eggs in the streaming basket?

lovesambutt • 6 months ago

Augmented Reality Is Here, And It's About To Change The Face Of Advertising

That's what one bold young startup believe. The London-based ad tech company, Fanbytes, are staking their claim in this exciting new technology, and harnessing it to advertise to Generation Z.

lovesambutt • 9 months ago

10 Resources That Will Make Moving Stress-Free

Whether you haven’t moved in decades or do it every two years, the process of packing up your stuff, transporting it, and unpacking never seems to get any easier. Although you may learn some lessons from each move, it’s still an activity most people dread. That’s because it’s stressful deciding what to take, how to pack it, what it will cost, and how everything will make it safely to your new place. Moving is so nerve-racking that it has surpassed even divorce or a new job on the list of the most stressful activities in a person’s life. The good news is that more help has arrived to take the headaches out of moving. Along with their products and services, companies are delivering sound advice, actionable tips, and information that improve the overall experience for their customers. Check out these 10 moving resources that facilitate the moving process and minimize or even eliminate stress:

lovesambutt • 9 months ago

PavelSlanina: How One Movie Has Made Him A Rising Star

Hollywood is filled with stories of actors becoming household names after just a single film. Think Tom Hanks in Splash, Tom Cruise in Risky Business, or Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic. Sometimes, all it takes is a single film and a young man suddenly becomes a recognized face all over the world. You might have noticed that the names mentioned and their movies happen to be quite old. Indeed Titanic, which is the latest one amongst the three, was released roughly 21 years ago.

lovesambutt • 9 months ago