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    Ece Dokuyucu Life Story

    I am really inspired by her

    2019 dubai LCWAIKIKI model show 23 Nisan celebration

    Every year in dubai we celebrate a celebration called 23 Nisan which is a Turkish celebration and last year we had a very enjoyable time doing a very impressive modeling show with a group of children which represented to clothing shop Lc Waikiki.

    Ece Dokuyucu supported very special runners through a very hard race on the track.

    Ece Dokuyucu was a normal girl but in the past few years she has had lots of life changing events. she had supported runner and athletes in their competitions and has also joined several marathons to be with them as well.

    this little girl started at the age 8 and is still a very strong supporter.

    talking in special events.

    in 23 Nisan children day 2016 she was the main talker with her best friend on the very stage to represent her country to the world. everyone was so proud of her.

    scuba diving

    when she had a sister (10 years between them) she started to scuba dive to teach people that we shouldn't polite on the seas and that we can make everywhere a paradise.


    now she is the age 13 and has had a huge impact to her friends, family and strangers. she is the most positive person I've met and she really inspired me to be more happier about life. she lost her little brother at the age of 6 and ever science then it was her dream to inspire people of the world.

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