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  • 11 Popular Love Songs That Actually Have Terribly Unromantic Lyrics

    You’ve swayed and grooved to these tunes at proms, dances, and weddings — but did you know that many of our culture’s most cherished love songs have decidedly unromantic lyrics? From the creepy undertones of “Every Breath You Take” by The Police, to the “Oops, we made a drunken mistake!” message of Bruno Mars’ “Marry You,” you may want to think twice before putting one of these jams on your wedding playlist.

  • 5 Drinks To Serve At Your Spring Wedding

    Whether you opt for a strong martini at happy hour or the perfect cup of coffee on a Sunday morning, it’s no secret that your beverage can really set the mood for an occasion! For that reason, we love personalized and unique signature cocktail ideas for wedding events. Here are our favorite drinks for spring weddings, showers, and rehearsal dinners.

  • 8 Ways To Have The Most Purrfect Cat Wedding

    Humans aren’t the only ones hearing wedding bells! In our hunt for the best in bridal, we’ve learned that cat weddings are having a major moment. Make sure to share these top tips for purr-sonalizing the big day with your favorite feline friends.

  • 10 Reasons To Have A Spring Wedding

    Spring marks the official start of wedding season, and for good reason: our favorite florals are officially in season, the temperatures are comfortable, and just about everyone is looking for an event to banish winter cabin fever. Here are our top reasons to host a spring wedding!

  • Top 10 Swoon-Worthy First Kisses

    After the walk down the aisle, there’s one moment it’s safe to say we’re all looking forward to during any wedding: the first kiss. Completely romantic and totally swoon-worthy, here are 10 of our favorite first kisses shared during the ceremony and just after.

  • 10 Seriously Fun & Easy Wedding Favors

    Cap off the night for your guests by gifting them a fun favor as they leave your unforgettable fete. From candy and sweets to pretty plants, here are ten of our favorite wedding favors.

  • 10 Ideas For Stunning Bridal Portraits

    Whether you opt to have it taken after your hair and makeup trials or wait for the perfect moment on your wedding day, there’s one photo you can’t forget to have captured: one of you on your wedding day. Here are our 10 ways to get gorgeous bridal portraits.

  • 15 Swoon-Worthy First Looks To Love

    Every first is filled with so much emotion and anticipation, which is exactly why we love them. Besides the moment when the couple sees each other, there are more fun “first looks” to try. Consider us fans of these:

  • 10 Stunning Winter Wedding Bouquets

    Winter weddings are as great a time as any to fill your bouquet with gorgeous florals. Opt for a lush all-white bouquet, one filled with bold blooms or dark hues, or perhaps skip flowers all together. Here are 10 winter bouquets to inspire your design.

  • 10 Ways To Include Radiant Orchid In Your Wedding

    2014, has just begun, but we’ve already starting celebrating Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year: radiant orchid! Pantone notes that radiant orchid “blooms with confidence and magical warmth” and embodies “great joy, love, and health” – all aspects we wish for you as you plan and enjoy your wedding.

  • Top 10 Ingredients For A New Year’s Eve Wedding

    If you’re looking to set the scene for a great party at your wedding, look no further than New Year’s Eve! Think glitter, glamour, and a dance floor filled with your closest friends and family as you ring in the new year in style!

  • 10 Reasons To Take Engagement Photos

    There are so many aspects of wedding planning to ask whether or not it’s something you should do. Something you and your love should never second guess? Engagement pictures! Here are 10 reasons to just say yes.

  • Celebrate The Season: 10 Stunning Engagement Rings

    It’s engagement season, which can only mean one thing (well, maybe two): love is in the air and there are a lot of fingers sporting very sparkly new rings. We cannot wait to see your ring, but until then, here are ten beyond gorgeous engagement rings to distract us.

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