These Are The Hottest Celebrities At CES 2013

Last time, CES had Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. At this year’s trade show in Las Vegas, we have a handful of musicians and artists of all kinds. All of them getting a piece of what’s in store for technology in the future.

Touchscreen Laptops? TV’s you cannot see sideways? Cars with the power of the Internet in their couches? Boring! People went to CES not to see the so-called future of laptops or the poor PS Vita copycats. They went there, to see these celebrities who apparently have deals with these tech companies in one way or another - whether it be advertisements, or ehem, sponsorships.

The sexy Adam Levine fronted his band and sang their latest hit “PayPhone” and wowed the audience…
… who are bored with the gadgets that they will just used to browse Facebook anyway.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi of Jersey Shore will be at the Zeikos/iHip booth, launching her official line of headphones. I expect fan autographs. Via

Felicia Day is CES 2013’s ambassador. We’re all geeked out!

Tim Tebow is also at CES 2013. And oh, he will launched his own headphones as well

Crazy, a lot of celebrities at CES are launching their own brand of headphone to put in your ear. Wouldn’t Apple’s earphones’ the most stylish years ago?

Lemmy Kilmister is also at CES 2013 unveiling the latest Motorhead phones. Every rock fan will give a damn.
I’m not kidding

Danny Devito on the intersection of technology and entertainment.

Of course Will.I.Am, perhaps the most high profile of all the atendees when it comes to technology. Via

There were others, seriously. Among them are Travis Barker of Blink 182, 50 Cent, and (holy cow) Big Bird?!

I thought CES is always about laptops and smartphones and softwares and gadgets. (Heck! Even OLPC!) Perhaps, it’s already, uhm, dying.

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