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Can You Guess The Names Of These Emojis?

An emoji speaks a thousand words.

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  1. Apple/Unicode
    "Silly Wink Face"
    "Face With Wink And Outward Tongue"
    "Just Kidding Face"
    "Face With Stuck Out Tongue And Winking Eye"
  2. Apple/Unicode
    "Sun Behind Cloud"
    "Sunny And Cloudy"
    "Partly Cloudy"
    "Sun Shining Through Cloud"
  3. Apple/Unicode
    "Smiley Poop"
    "Poop Face"
    "Pile of Poo"
  4. Apple/Unicode
    "Pot of Soup"
    "Pot of Food"
    "Pot of Stew"
    "Pot of Noodles"
  5. Apple/Unicode
    "Face Throwing A Kiss"
    "I Love You Face"
    "Sending A Kiss Face"
    "Kissing Face With Love"
  6. Apple/Unicode
    "City Morning"
    "Sunset Over Buildings"
    "Buildings And Sunset"
    "Rising Sun Over City"
  7. Apple/Unicode
    "Person Raising Hands Up High"
    "Celebratory Hand Raise"
    "Hands Of Praise"
    "Person Raising Both Hands In Celebration"
  8. Apple/Unicode
    "Meat On Bone"
    "Turkey Leg"
    "Meat Sliding Off Bone"
    "Stone Age Meat"
  9. Apple/Unicode
    "Rejection Girl"
    "Do Not Enter Face"
    "Face With No Good Gesture"
    "Disapproving Emoji Girl"
  10. Apple/Unicode
    "New Moon With Face"
    "Man In The Moon"
    "Smiling Moon Face"
    "Dark Moon With Face"

Can You Guess The Names Of These Emojis?

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