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15 Signs You Belong On A Soap Opera

The drama never stops. Coronation Street continues, weeknights at 7.30/8NT on CBC.

1. You start each day with your own personal theme song...

2. ...even though you don't measure your life in days but in episodes.

3. You've been known to practice your dramatic faces in the mirror.

4. You've actually spent years training your face muscles into resting b*tch face position.

5. Your relationships are never easy.

6. Melodrama is your middle name.

7. Gossiping at the hair salon? Sure, you love that.

8. When it comes to insulting people, you don't hold back.

9. But you're falsely accused of trouble you didn't cause, all the time.

10. You always seem to fall for the wrong person.

11. When people betray you, you punish them in the most dramatic way possible.

12. You're always suffering from mysterious illnesses.

13. You're extremely accident prone.

14. Your life is a true roller coaster of emotion.

15. But at least all those tears keep your skin beautifully hydrated!

Can't stop, won't stop living for drama. Get inspired by everyone's favourite soap opera, Coronation Street, weeknights 7.30/8NT on CBC.