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7 Valentine's Day Date Ideas That Will Bring You Two Closer Together

Celebrate your Valentine's Day with bae. Here are seven ideas to inspire you for the special someone in your life.

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1. Candle light dinner, roses & kisses at home

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Think about a special evening with your favorite person. Candle light, music to set the mood, homemade dinner to show how much you appreciate your other half with some amazing vibes will be a great way to spend your Valentine's Day. Homemade dinners are always special because it shows effort and appreciation for the other person. Being in the comfort of your own home can lead dinner straight to the bedroom.

2. Splash of color

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Body paint, alcohol, and your partner. Get creative and think outside the box. Paint on each other then roll on a white canvas sheet and see where your magic together takes you all. Even writing some poetry together to express how you feel with a glass of wine is a fun and different way to celebrate your valentine's day this year! be creative! get loud! and enjoy the love you all share!

3. Baecation or maybe a staycation...

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A baecation for a nice long Valentine's Day weekend to spend the much needed time alone together. Take your time to escape from the real world. Bring the movie fifty shades of grey to life in the comfort of your vacation to spice up your life, if you're into that. Maybe relaxing with the bae by the beach will soothe your soul. The baecation doesn't have to be out of town it can be in your city, just away from everyone. Perfect spots away for the winter: Miami, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Bahamas, Maui, etc anywhere warm and close to water..

4. Couples massage & relax therapy

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Couples massages, which are sweet and satisfying to be catered together. Great way to relax together, being around each other in a stress-free state. Relieving stress from work, negative energy, and balancing your focus again by taking some time to cater to your needs. The relaxing music, candles, sweet smells, and your lover.

5. Late night Museums/ Gallery with Dinner

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Check out a late night museum or gallery thats in town and enjoy art together, makes you see things in different perspectives. Appreciate the beauty through someone else's eyes for once. Exploring, discussing, and making new memories together. Ending the day with a romantic dinner out at your favorite or hottest place for a romantic dinner.

6. Party all night with your favorite person and artist

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Last minute tickets to see your favorite artist will be a great surprise. Local lounges have good vibes, with amazing artist to set the tone for the night with your special someone. listening to your favorite artist playing your favorite songs can be an unforgettable Valentine's Day. Good music in an intimate setting can definitely bring the two of you closer.

7. Get chocolate wasted

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Indulging in chocolates and a good movie with bae can always be enough to enjoy your valentines day together. Sometimes less is more, doing something so relaxing can be just as beautiful. People live busy lives and when time escapes us last minute plans like chocolate and a movie will be just as amazing together.

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